How to identify a sample of gold at home

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Always during economic instability people preferred to keep their savings in money and in precious metals. And the most popular asset among them has always been and remains the gold. Many today are becoming gold products. But you can always be sure that it is not gold-plated fake? Or that there is no inconsistency between the specified and this break?

For all customers is very important to know how to identify a sample of gold. After all, no longer a secret that the purest form of gold products are almost non-existent, and always adds various supplements: silver, copper, Palladium, nickel, and zinc. Do it and to diversify the range of colours and to make gold ornaments more durable.

How to test gold authenticity

How to test gold authenticity?

Before you bother with the definition of gold be worth spending a little time and check whether the proposed product you Golden or gilded only. After all, no sense to identify a sample of what you don’t have.

The easiest way to determine the authenticity of jewelry — bring to them a magnet. Almost no real gold is attracted to a magnet. If you see the opposite, then most likely you gilded fake, in the best case, ornament of gold lowest sample. Buy this product for the big money is not exactly worth it.

To determine the authenticity of gold at home you can use vinegar. Product to take some time (15 minutes) in acetic solution if it does not happen, no chemical reaction and color products remain former. But gilded fake necessarily darken.

How do you know real gold with vinegar

How do you know real gold with vinegar

The same can be determined by using iodine. This method is particularly good because with almost 100% accuracy to distinguish the most running trial from 583 585 or 750.

To determine if you need an Emery paper lightly scratch the surface in an inconspicuous spot. Then this is the place you want to wipe the iodine and trace the progress of a chemical reaction. If the product fineness 585, the treated surface will darken.

But there is a downside to this method. If such a way to try to identify a sample of gold products made of copper alloys, bronze, brass, and appearance are indistinguishable from the Golden, then nothing happens, because on the surface, no dark spots will not appear. Therefore, if you are convinced that it is the product of gold 750 samples, and will carry out validation of iodine, then be careful and try to read a sample of gold using other methods.

After confirming the authenticity of gold products, you can try to hold its testing. To this end, developed quite accurate methods:

drop method;
electronic detector;
small needles or touchstone.
Trickling method

This method is based on changing the color of gold under the influence of the special chemical reagent. It is very easy to use and quick in getting results, but it’s not an entirely reliable would be an exaggeration.

A small preliminary having smoothed out surface plot is put a little drop of reagent. Through 15-20 sec caused reagent is removed and to change the color of the metal product testing.

For products up to 600 samples as this reagent use chloric gold. On gold products or 585 583 samples of trail from the chemical reaction will be light brown or orange-Golden if product is tested in white gold. The gold fineness 375 reagent leave stain green.

To define 958, 750 and 375 drip samples used and acidic reagents (image 1). The lower the fineness, the darker trail reagent will keep the gold.

Drip method depends largely on personal feelings and condition of color memory. At home it is difficult to use because there’s no handy necessary reagents, and often shades of color changes are so similar that accurately determine gold trial this method can only very experienced.

Electronic detector

Electronic detector

Portable digital gold detector allows you to test the gold products with high precision. The principle of operation of this device is based on electrochemical reaction of metals. It for 5 sec defines pure gold content.

The results it generates in carats, measuring range from 6 to 18 karat, which corresponds to the range of 750 to 333. This clever device accurately identifies the content of gold in alloys and easily distinguished by gold products from gilded fakes.

The price of such a device is quite mild, but buying it as a household appliance is still economically inexpedient. But self-respecting and trick jewelry workshops, stores and pawn shops or buying up such devices probably have.

Small needles or touchstone

Small needles are special brass wand at the end of which soldered a thin colored needles of precious alloys. Each sample corresponds to “his” gold color. Touchstone is a sleek polished black bar of fine-grained siliceous shale. Other names: “mounting”, “black Jasper”, “Lydian stone”.

On this golden product line and depending on its color define trial gold. But before you test gold, stone first cleaned, using wood, coal and water. Then grease with almond or peanut butter and wipe.

Use the touchstone and to check gold alloys on them in gold and other metals. Perform validation in the following way: in an inconspicuous location or a scraper products a little scratch the surface to make sure that this is not the case of other metals.

Then the plot of spend for assay to stone on the surface appeared a small scratch. This scratch to conduct testing put a drop of concentrated nitric acid. Through 5 sec after causing acid by the reaction of the stone, you can define a test.

If the scratch is completely dissolved, then you have most likely base silver, if you are extremely lucky, you might be and gold 333 samples.

If the scratch has changed its color to Brown, then it is indisputable proof of the base of gold — from 375 to 500 samples. If the scratch has not changed color is really not gold below 500 samples. But if applied to a scratch acid boils, it is clear that the product does not contain precious metals.

All developed ways to identify samples of gold products are not really suitable for independent analysis. Therefore, buying gold or silver decoration, carefully inspect the factory stamp, since it does not need any devices or reagents.

Do not hesitate in the presence of the seller to give careful consideration to the image. The stamp should have a clear impression and be placed at equal distance from the edge of the product. Modeled figures samples should be clearly and same size. If the decoration is present clearly stated was stigma famous firm is an additional guarantee of quality.

If during the examination of the hallmarks you something alarmed, it is better to refrain from making such a purchase. And if you still decide on it, be sure to keep the original and make sure authenticate in an organization that can issue an official document on the results.

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