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We all know that appearance is sometimes deceptive. At first glance, jewelry made of white gold and silver is simply impossible to distinguish. But if you know a few simple rules, then find out what is what – not so difficult, and the help of a professional jeweler may not need. Although you still sometimes need to address it: a professional will definitely be able to warn you against buying a fake.

To distinguish white gold from silver, you need to learn more about the physical properties of materials and conduct a couple of home experiments.

White Gold is a symbol of elegance and beauty. Modern jewelry market presents us with a wide range of products made from this precious metal.

White Gold is an alloy, better known to us yellow gold with Platinum or other metals that give him white, or rather say matte silver color. Most often, the alloy is made from gold and Platinum, white gold, therefore, is a bit more expensive conventional yellow gold.

White gold jewelry is considered sophisticated and stylish. Very nice diamonds inlaid in white gold, as well as black pearls.

How to identify white gold from silver and other metals

Materials characteristics

Pure gold you will find only in laboratories or in the form of bullion (although there use 999 samples), and silver is not quite impurities in the afternoon with fire can not be found. What’s the matter? These two materials are too soft and plastic. Their whims unpleasant would surprise you during use. To increase the quality needed for metal, different impurities are added to silver and gold:


Noble metals are even mixed together. For example, a certain amount of silver is added to gold.

In the nugget, gold is a rich yellow metal. But since different impurities are added to it, the material can change its hue depending on the composition from white to rich red. One of the most popular types of gold is white gold. Incredibly beautiful alloy is distinguished by white hue, pleasantly glitters and sparkles under the rays of the sun.

And although outwardly the difference between the two noble metals is small, it still exists. And this knowledge will help you avoid the tricks of scammers.

How to tell the difference between white gold and silver on the eye

It may seem that the color of these alloys is the same. Indeed, they are very, very similar. But a true master of jewelry will instantly be able to distinguish metals from each other. As? It’s all about the nuances.

If you look closely, you can see that silver is distinguished by a cold steel subton, and gold jewelry – white. It turns out that it is possible to visually distinguish white gold from silver. Why so many fakes?

The main enemy of visual verification can intervene in the case – parenting. It is a thin layer of a completely different material that improves the physical properties of metal and makes it more attractive. Because of this coating, the difference between gold and silver may not be visible at all.

You can find a way out of this situation – carefully look around the “insides” of jewelry. Usually jewelers cover the birth only the outer part of the product, but the raw just can reveal to you the whole truth.

If the decoration is not processed (such products are usually handmade), then ask him to get out of the window and look without additional illumination. The golden alloy always has a glossy sheen with a white subton, but the silver jewelry is more matte and steel.

Outwardly, white gold is very similar to silver. Only the last is much cheaper it. Many scammers in mind external similarities often forged white gold, replacing it with silver.

But how to tell the difference between white gold from silver and other metals? There are several good ways.

Products made of white gold, just like any other precious things, never buy from your hands or on the market. After all, in which case the claim will not be to anyone present.

On any product from white gold should stand trial. If it is either 925 Silver or fake. White Gold 585, or sample happens to be 750, if this ornament with stones. Gold with relatively high breakdown cannot cost less ordinary gold.

If you are afraid to mix up gold with silver, feel it. Silver softer, it can leave a trail if they spend on paper. Gold firmer, and its color is not as cold as the color of silver.

If the product you have bought or you gave, you can go home “experiments”. Gold is not afraid of acids and alkalis. Hold it some time in the glass with vinegar. If the color will remain unchanged-before you present the Gold if it changes or liquid it’s either fake, or in gold too many impurities.

How to spot the difference between white gold and silver

No wonder gold is called the noble metal. It not only does not react and does not oxidize, but indifferent to the magnet. If the ornament literally “stick” to it in gold too many impurities. Unfortunately, this way it is impossible to distinguish silver, as it also belongs to the noble.

Check gold can and other reagents. The most affordable and secure-iodine. Apply it on the product, if a lot of impurities in gold or it is not present, iodine will immediately react and sense the product. Real gold should only be wiped clean and of iodine will be over.

Actually distinguish the white gold from silver or other metals is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Try and see for yourself. If not checked, then you are very risk.

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