how to use dowsing rods

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The most important part of running a dowsing instrument is the position of the operator and the way he keeps the rods, must stand relaxed with our feet slightly distant , arms should be glued to the body but not too loud and not exert excessive pressure rods on the wrist and allowed to equilibrate free in our hands.

The rods are kept firmly poised at chest loose in front of the operator towards the front and alongside each other at a distance of 20-45 centimeters. Each operator must find the distance suits him better , this will be revealed by the method of effort and error .

The biggest secret is practiece so that the rods do not turn crazy when they learn to balances firm must learn to walk by holding them.
To achieve this we have our steps be slow and measured , ie covering the same distance in each step , otherwise the rods lose their balance.

how to use dowsing rods

how to use dowsing rods

This can happen when you throw one shoulder , we must keep our shoulders at the same height after this we start experiments with a precious metal which we place ourselves on the ground and observe the reaction of the rods in then put one to our hide an object in order to see and in this case the reaction of the rods .

Remember that a relaxed and refreshed operator will operate the system successfully than a tight and overworked .

The rods when they find the goal we desire will crucify themselves taking emissions of the buried target. When this happens the first time you learned to expect success.

Amplifier rods C

In rods can be added and a signal amplifier that its purpose is to show the user more strongly the emission line of buried objects.
We have built this circuit works with a 9 volt battery to strengthen the biomagnetic energy of the receiver – operator. With the amplifier all operators have the possibility of success as the system is no longer based on specifics ravdoskopikes abilities.

Amplifier connection with rods

Place the two cable connectors on the amplifier sockets rods and then join the other end to the amplifier and place it in your pocket at all times with the switch on off putting it in operation and shows us a year’s indication that it is running and also shows us the state of the battery.
Whenever rods find a target and we crossed the amplifier makes a distinctive noise and simultaneously feel a small voltage to through us .

How to research

We get our hands on both rods C connected to the amplifier and begin to make semicircles in the area we want to investigate .

If in this area there is a gold object the rods will turn both to the object showing us the direction we need to continue and as we are near the rods will begin to converge until you get to the exact spot you crucify with one another X in Fig .

When this happens check multiple times to ascertain if it is fixed the signal repeats and moves from 10 to 15 steps to get two imaginary straight line target to the focus .

The rods will pull in the largest object to what is within reach , an example is: if researching a pot of silver coins and assume that there is a greater amount to a pot present , then the rods will turn the frame that has the larger amount , then you remove the beam to frame the larger amount then the rods will switch to a smaller amount of the jar .

If the largest object is much farther from the smallest but both are within range of rods will then operate the rods to the nearest object.

The rods must crucify completely and simply not converge , then the signal aklouthoume target until they pass and sailer not closed at this point to some users rods turning back .

To focus steer rods over the limit it so that the point where they are closed from 4 directions is the goal.

We can find approximate the depth of the target, starting to walk from downtown and leave the point that closing the rods, the distance from the center of the target is the depth.


Try to use your rods in daily to become efficient in their use , choose a part for your practice to be yourself and not be bothered by noise or other persons preferably outdoors to be able to avoid interference from objects which may be located in an interior space .

Start your education by using gold or silver or some other metal in the floor in your vision and using the instrument from different directions and distances.

Then hold the line above the target and watch their reactions so that you are ready to illustrate all the details of your rods when researching for treasure the minerals. The capacity will gradually improve steadily as you gain experience and skill.

Some worst do better keeping up with the sticks a gold coin ( witness dowsing )

Faults and Errors

There are certain times of disturbance of the magnetic field of the earth affecting the function of this organ. Unless attraction takes a suspicious area try a sample of the metal ore for which research but fight not expect to receive a response shortly afterwards try again , these disorders are uncommon but occur .

To determine the reliability of a discovered target and avoid the rocks solar fallacies place alongside a target amount of gold if formed in this line then the supposed goal was negligible quantity filings.