Howard Carter Months detectors Egyptian Antiquities

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Google celebrates anniversary

Howard Carter

Months detectors Egyptian Antiquities

Howard- Carter
Global search engine Google celebrated with the first hours of May 9 anniversary 138 birthday English archaeologist and Egyptologist science expert Howard Carter made famous because of his discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor in Egypt.
According to the world encyclopedia, Carter began to study etching and painting in Egypt at the beginning of his youth before known for discovering the effects of Queen Hatshepsut in the cemetery of the monastery in 1899, before going through the barren years returned in 1907 to archaeological discoveries that you know Lord Carter karnarvon, an amateur enthusiast and who was willing to fund exploratory missions of Carter. Later, Carter became responsible for all exploration work lkarnavon.
The karnavon funded search for previously unknown Pharaoh Carter of Tutankhamun, discovered by Carter, after several months of exploration and research of others, Lord became fruitful karnarvon are unhappy with the results and failed investments, and in 1922, give Carter one final season to complete the excavation.
On 4th of November 1922 after 15 years of searching Carter found the tomb of Tutankhamen “k.v 62” where the best tomb found throughout history, untouched by the Valley of the Kings, sent a telegram to Lord karnarvon to come, on the 26th of November of 1922, with karnarvon and his daughter, and the presence of others, Carter has a “small fracture” famous in the North corner of the entrance to the cemetery, and became visible to the eye by candle light, golden effects were observed for the cemetery and archaeological treasures of ebony which remained In place since that time.
And even then Carter had not known is “the graveyard or just cache” but make sure when he saw clear stamp one of the unguarded doors between the statues. When o karnarvon machine “did you find something” he said yes “amazing things”.

Months detectors Egyptian Antiquities

The tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings

The totankh Amen one Egyptian pharaos eighteenth Egyptian family in the history of ancient Egypt, Pharaoh was Egypt from 1334 to 1325 b.c., in the era of the modern State, and is one of the most famous Pharaohs for reasons not related to the accomplishments achieved or wars triumphed as with so many Pharaohs, but for other reasons are important historically, notably the mystery surrounding the circumstances of his death, as some considered the death of the Pharaoh at a very young age (19 years) is abnormal especially with signs of fractures Thigh bones and skull,
Marriage Minister from his widow after his death and the installation itself has become Pharaoh totankh Amon King of Egypt when he was 9 years old and lived in a transition period in the history of ancient Egypt where came after Akhenaten who tried to unite the gods of ancient Egypt in the form machine was first in custody back to ancient Egypt gods and was Akhenaten married the Queen Nefertiti, which is probably his father Amun, totankh
The Egyptian Antiquities Authority in April 2010 that, based on DNA tests known as DNA shows that totankh is the son of Amon King Akhenaten either cemetery totankh Amon discovered the British had learned the results, Carter 4 Hurd November 1922, he ran over to the land of the room which included a Mummy and treasures of amoon totankh on this day 16 February 1923 Carter found the mummy of Amon totankh full bunches of necklaces, rings and Crown and sticks and was of pure gold,
To separate these antiques exploration team had to separate the main skull and bones of the joints and skeletal installation Panel to the Mummy, the Supreme Council of Antiquities has decided to allow the Pharaonic Mummy Cheb totankh Amen to the public for the first time since discovered 85 years ago Zahi Hawass said that the bulk of the Mummy’s body fragmented into 18 pieces when Carter first discovered, either by the world hwardkartr was born on 9 May 1874 in Kingston to Britain and died on 2 March 1939 He was known to Lord karnavon, an amateur enthusiast who financed Carter missions, who became responsible for each excavation lkarnavon.
Months detectors Egyptian Antiquities

Months detectors Egyptian Antiquities


Howard Carter Months detectors Egyptian Antiquities

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