Important information about using dowsing rods

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Important information about using dowsing rods
Bwahath various types of copper signal Devin site but when you drill there is nothing but what Sadaf cause they do not catch the point trove but catch points of discharge in the magnetic field and here you must know the location of these points so that the distance between the two points are treated on this basis
Hidden depth = distance between refractive nkotin Division 2
Hidden status = status box for 4 points refraction
This is for albwahath traditional …Either albwahath it combines sophisticated property to respond to drag-and-points score composition and energy combines with properties interact with ions and each property has a system check and a specific location on the Earth’s surface above the trove. …See annex
There is no doubt that copper bwahath are supplements for researchers and give semantic information for burials sites but … … ….Fields that deal with copper bars are discharge caused by ground and drawing force constituting score refraction so that the distance between the point of refraction and depth are hidden trove and Sikhs give zero point cloud points rather than score Centre (energy) and these points away from the trove is simple but works on the formation of refraction points score fake located between point refractions and point clouds.The more hidden depth increases the distance between the Centre and the fictitious points gives Sikhs mark x as well as and when the drilling did not find
Something being dug over phantom point and not the center point average score out here comes the difference between amateur and expert (Professional) …….See annex
For plastic handle is not that we are talking about separation of ions and static electricity but it is an ad hoc helper but eventually may cause confusion if completed static electricity accumulated on the outer surface.
For body interaction with ions and passed to the skewers here are somewhat controversial issue:
1-not necessarily to turn the skewers toward the trove is influencing the body they tend towards the closest larger shallower, and the body derives energy from the ions available for a battery for the device and a specific reference as bait, you can be a Western researcher and hidden body derives from ion has nothing to do with the signal from the North especially ions from astronomical distances as faraway.
2. it is known that the best means of search or examination is the stand north of the security zone to be tested with skewers or East or West, to ensure the expected direction and energy could be derived from the trove likely northward toward Western Devin scored in quantity or near distance and depth!
For jarring only at the point of fracture, at which point the depth scale by a margin distance from point clouds plus a point cloud better second squared score dragging and digging in the middle and have depth = half an arm drag points + distance between the point of withdrawal and the point of fracture.