Isadora Love story immortalized in history

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Isadora  Love story immortalized in history

This unique type of cemetery circa 120 CE … Emperor era (Hadrian) (117 m-138 m) and is known to have

He encourages art especially engineering, architecture, but this tomb which holds (1) among the tombs (gabal) has been singled out as a new model appears in the funerary architecture was conflictive perceptions in Egypt by tomb consisting of two so that the rear door leading from the front to the lounge room burial pattern on both sides front artist laments long Hellenic language did not have represented them before in any funerary buildings.The Tomb built of burnt brick, color dark in most white plated parts from abroad and at home.The entrance opens to the West we reach drawer almost vertically.Standing in front of the portal altar topped with pyramidal Crown at the four corners of the common type in front of temples in the Tuta mountain funeral … I found her Mummy lying on funerary bed Deluxe …And the bed is a high building 2 m tall milk by two columns and caked form shaped shell covered with plaster

Isadora  Love story immortalized in history

As for the beautiful story inhabiting spirit this cemetery and dubbed the martyr of the love …Or-aashiqa Isadora … And which means “(the gift of ISIS).It stressed that sincere love never dies …Even if I ended this whole tragic love stories that we heard … But our lovely Isadora was her story precedes each love stories …So I imagine that all the stories woven of the same events story of Isadora … It is the if??? 
Isadora  Love story immortalized in history
Is the daughter of a Greek family living in Egypt in the city of antniobols (Sheikh cult currently) on the eastern side of the Nile … Her father was Governor of the territory now known as Minya was AMA big exists in antniobols city where overlooking the Nile and green fields.The Isadora in that period a girl ripe beautiful 16-year-old when love met for the first time in her life.While certain of the Egyptian officer habi … And who lived on the Western side of the Nile in the city of khamno or (hermopolis) where he was the guard force of the city …He was a normal person of ordinary people and not the folk …There is no comparison between them in terms of level …Nevertheless his love said …And by the extent of the corresponding passion …Emerging from her city across the River to attend a private ceremony bethoti wise pen in ancient Egypt …There are entirely concerned Isadora officer habi and it were fascinated by …So they had re-election every day and every night …The go Lake …
And he comes to next to her Palace.After three years of sincere love between lovers.Her father knew this and decided that this prevents the love that lasts.In Arfa should correlate with the Greek assets daughter young Egyptian …Informed guards followed by …And prevent the young from her interview …Indeed it was closing in on them so they decided that life without her beloved makes no sense …So I decided to commit suicide but had to see it one last time.Indeed managed to surprise them and I went to see him at the same location when Lake and not telling them what they should do is commit suicide …And invited him and I went …Even if you hit the middle of the river who threw themselves at such …Her most contrite and remorseful for what he did with his daughter.They built a beautiful tomb written by laments …As her lover, decided to not leave her alone, he goes to unusually, each night for a candle lights illuminate her unusually, so don’t stay single.Thus in his love.
Really believe Plato when he said (every note we learned emanated from Egypt) but hey say Plato everything nabaa Egypt …So the world may love intercom …We left lingering effects he saw it …Before you know how she loves Romeo Juliette …Before loves Othello didmonh.
Funerary tombs
Are Roman graves in the form of houses built of brick and clothed with a layer of grout and planning certainty for middle class homes … This method of burial is an ancient Egyptian method undoubtedly accepted and received rave reviews from new arrivals
Despite the beauty and richness of the decorations of this group of tombs, but he lacks the pattern or name of the deceased until we can say of the Tomb? Is it an Egyptian or Hellenic taghark found?
Perhaps the best evidence of the spread of culture Panhellenic within Egypt are those themes inspired by literature and Greek mythology and inscribed on the walls of these houses such as trojans or story Oedipus as King and others.