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JEOHUNTER 3D detector deep

JEOHUNTER 3D system dual-detector is the most advanced system in the world, produced according to the latest technology and can detect metal and emptiness. JEOHUNTER 3D system includes a dual class shares the deep detectors and metal objects were found in four groups; -Gold-precious-Metal and steel.
In addition to success in the detection and evaluation of metal, the system is able to detect voids and real-time reports on discovered caves, cellars, tunnels, bunkers and graves. JEOHUNTER 3D system is able to double the amount to 3-dimensional signal graphics objects found underground, in real time.
Versatile search and discovery features allow you to double the JEOHUNTER 3D, easy to find and study, even in the most complex structures, myriad high-density environments with minerals. Interface and a practical search screen, designed for easy use by amateurs and professionals, are distinctive features of the system.
The system has incomparable depth finder and a superior ability to sort metals. It is also possible to accurately determine the depth of the signal. JEOHUNTER 3D system, dual tells you what the subject is deep underground in see, regardless of the size of the subject, be it metal or emptiness. JEOHUNTER 3D system, dual meets all your needs and search research from 3 different search coils. JEOHUNTER 3D system by purchasing a double, actually you get immediately 3 detector.
Deep coil-sized 60 x 100 cm for better search performance Max. up to 12 meters.
The total coil-size 36 x 44 cm with an efficiency of up to 8 m max.
Small coil-size 21 x 34.5 cm with an efficiency of up to 4 metres Max.
will allow you to searches at depths where no one has, and find the treasures that no one yet found.

jeohunter 3d professional gold metal detector


Products «Geosystem» (JEOHUNTER; JEOSCAN), equipped with the most advanced technology. On the screens of oscilloscope block converts the signals received from the underground in a graphical image in real time, and provides the user with information about the form. This property allows the user to determine the shape of the ends under, without excavation.
Thanks to software that can make a connection between the signal on purpose and form, “Geo system” series, has an important benefit that is not available in any other detector in the world. Our series “Geo system” detectors, offer you all the details that you would expect from a detector even more. technology is waiting for you! The specially designed deep search engine see the upper , allows you to scan a large area and easily locate deep targets. Deep coil, very comfortable and practical in use. It is designed to produce excellent results even in the most dense structures of land with minerals, ignoring small metal scrap on the surface like for example, lids from bottles, nails, etc.
The main distinguishing feature of this coil is its superior ability to sort metals. Deep coil metals shares in four groups; Gold, precious scrap metal, steel, and sorts the surrounding metals in percentage terms. This coil also discovers the emptiness. The goal, like cave, cellar, tunnel, which can not detect any


JEOHUNTER 3D system dual has a flawless 3-dimensional system and a very practical system LEDs. The led system allows for quick and efficient search for places where there is no possibility of using coils submerged and a general search, like the walls, slopes and irregular surface. The led in the upper part, there are signals of metal on the left and on the right side of the emptiness signals. In addition to LEDs, the light signal alert is provided for two different beeps for emptiness and metal, as well as, for the convenience of the user in any environment.