Jeosonar 2012

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Jeosonar 2012
One of the strongest global professional services
Features a powerful reference and high precise sensor metal objects and the smallest and most profound is a workbook within global devices featured stronger access to unprecedented depths
Voice scan technology to radar to detect all kinds of metal and particularly metal value and gold and treasures and also discovers easily ground cavities as rooms and caves and tunnels so the device scan the target area with a light and sound indicator indicates the presence of objective
Color screen works installed all programs and options for action and clarify all the objective data and information discovered through advanced analytical software
The device is very easy and can both professional users and hobbyists work efficiently and with Arabic language for ease of use


The device contains an option for manual calibration to identify soil components and analysed carefully and recognize the proper goal
After the scan target device goes directly to the results screen shows the name of the metal and depth ratio of metal values
You write on the screen either gold or metal values or values or steel and also vacuum and can isolate iron and metals value from search permanently and does not recognize the device or gives indicators only on metal value and gold only
Works wonderfully in all soil types and easily penetrates the rock and mineral stones
With three discs researcher to search the surface and intermediate and deep
The device works in English and Arabic
Special regulations for controlling the sound power and light intensity control
Hardware components
The main unit of the device consists of a computerized color screen appears and shows the full device software
Also contains the main unit at all exact and play keys
Sensitive scanner length 17 cm, width 14 cm
Sensitive scanner length 44 cm and 36 cm
Sensitive scanner length 60 cm, width 100 cm
Carrying case and prevent the main unit
220 v electric charger
A large bag to contain and store the device with full equipment
Battery 12 volt
Car charger 220V
English and Arabic catalogues
CD tutorial methods and device
Ensure for a year
Made in Turkey