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JEO tech 2012 

JEO tech 2012
JEO tech new generation “Gold Hunter, is the first model of the reagents that are marked depth and subtle distinction and search in all soil types, these characteristics help distinguish and find metal with ease.
Allows the user to search the areas with high density of minerals and one of the most important device characteristics that distinguish it from other reagents. Is manufactured systems to search for “burials”, unable to determine objectives such as caves and warehouses and tunnels in addition to minerals accurately to depths of up to 4 m max
A geo tech with warning LED (light emitting diode), detect ground blanks by sequential lights on the left side of the manual almkobs and metal detection by sequential lights on the right side of the handle. And also has a different voice tones. And distinguish between minerals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, thanks system, if the iron, not release the device warning the oppose (second password) because it distinguishes iron on precious metals
JEO tech system with alkrtronet chips with portability, and has an electronic screen, the user is provided with all information on the goals system LED (light emitting diode) and sound. It distinguishes three categories of minerals as “minerals” and “non-value” and “iron”, as well as identify gaps, and Hunter “burials”
You can experience a genuine process of this product prior to purchase for several types of minerals at a depth of 3 m realistically with explanation of how work and determine the type and depth

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