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The latest technology in the world and the latest integrated electronic system to detect everything underground is another global device version offer you high confidence. they acquire the first detector in the world electrical system the detonator a KING WATER 2012 device was manufactured after many many tests after tests conducted for the first device, this device is specialized to detect water underground and give the results on the screen directly.


This device is an automatic system is very sophisticated and unprecedented to this device sends electric currents and waves Thunderbolt to Earth to learn over water.
How to transplant four existing sensors with a device planted in the soil and coming through the wire device and running device and automatic scan device begins between four iktaba and its automatic gives you a result in diameter surrounded inside the four poles and gives you the result objects directly on the screen with a specialized system to measure the depth of the target.

Specifications and techniques

• Measure and reveals the area Super fast within minutes to give you the result directly on the screen.
• Limits the target and the target Center sets you time you can start drilling immediately.
• Sets you depth finder thing.
• Latest global digital automatic detection system.
• Measure the water depth to (650) meters under the ground.
• Detection area covers 1500 square meters.
• With automatic tuning keys and lights help.
• Equipped with four sensors in the ground cultivated ground.
• With four wired units to deliver energy to the Earth.
• With battery power (12) Volt rechargeable.
• Special charger 220 volt.
• Protective bag to the device and the device installed inside to keep it.
• American industry.
• Foster care two years ago.

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