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Gold ions and the discovery of gold

Gold ions and their role in target detection As gold does not attract not only strong ions has composed about Read more

gold and its physical and chemical properties

Gold precious metal yellow color, with its flexibility and adaptability and resistance to corrosion, and has been used for decoration Read more

Treasures of the sea treasure inside the wekchav effects and gold within the depths of the sea

Experience exciting treasure hunting in the waters of the Atlantic; a step back in time to the era when Spain Read more

Gold Hunter

Gold Hunter Treasure hunter metal detecting black light weight is ideal for student starting! This large display digital detector with Read more

Learn gold

Gold is one of the oldest metals known to mankind to pass the ages, and be distinguished by this yellow metal with a set of properties that his dung right on the throne of precious metals, and the color yellow varnish and gold special place in humans, it may even have wars and conflicts between States to amthlak gold, because gold was owned has authority, and was used in ancient civilizations, such as ancient civilization
History of gold
And Indian civilization and other ancient civilizations, in the jewelry industry, has left us the Pharaohs in their alkthirwalkthirmn the jewelry that was accented by men and women in msralfrounih, and also used in decorating the palaces and making dinnerware, women have had decorations, other lot gold months is minerals that mankind throughout history, and in advanced ages, the use of gold as a monetary cap for currencies in most countries of the world, where not allow States to print banknotes until obviously what modifies of gold as a cover , So can human beings, use these paper currencies in sale and purchase, but in modern times, the era of free market, this is no longer the principle applicable in today’s modern economy, and went a set of properties that the advantage of other minerals, that those characteristics have made him the number one metal worldwide, divided the properties to the properties of gold and physical characteristics and mechanical properties

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