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Everyone is warned, everything below (and in different ads) is written about the marvelous properties of long range Treasure Locators (LRL) is a complete tuftoj
In due time, I checked the. So did the same thing.
I checked with my own experience.

Anybody using long range treasure Locators (LRL)?

The descriptions on the Internet are locator-type detectors for large areas. are designed to find only a specific metal (for example, gold, silver, and alloys) and use the molecular resonance effect. Especially LRL are suitable for quick verification of large areas.

These instruments have a large search radius-up to 1000 m, and some models according to their descriptions-up to 2,000 m or more. (P. S. S I agree, I checked with my own experience with a very expensive American friend last summer.) Topal, following a strong clear signal on the gold, in the forest at least 1 km, until my into the swamp and then the lake. It’s been a long time. I think that LRL instruments with a large search radius are good in the desert or taiga. , and we have 100 m too much.lectra search x 60

According to the Internet, the search depth is up to 10 M. (P. S.) and I’m quite willing to check on my own experience last summer. The place on the signal LRL you find it, and then you dig it up and you don’t find the target. I think that the best lrl to use in combination with a common metal detector and Glubinnikom to define large targets, or else to dig more than a meter I don’t think it’s profitable.

Lectra Search (X-50, X-60, X-90, X-400-but the company writes that they’re crooks, see the Lectra Search Model X-50 report.

1. Does anyone have any feedback on these and other LRL models? Share your experience.
2. Maybe who knows what the device is called in the photo-he couldn’t find it from me.

Lectra Search

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Lectra Search Model X-60 Report


Lectra Search x 60

Industry in America

Search only for Gold underground

The remote electronic remote sensing system, i.e., the search for only gold radiation from it, buried from periods of five years underground

Depth of 10 meters underground

The Front Range is 400 meters in any direction.

Determine the depth of the underground.

A special button for the identification of spaces

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