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Introduction: this device is manufactured by enormous possibilities beyond imagination, evolution and talked this device significantly notable for becoming the best way to discover what he can not rest other organs specializes in discovering gold and all kinds of treasures and precious burials such as effects and all kinds of alantica stones studded in gold and diamonds and fancy bottles and pitchers and hidden storage and seals and rare pieces and tools and other decorations such as mosaics, statues and Mummy reveals all Types, by the technology that made him a legend of our everyone is talking about by marketing in America and Germany during the last 2 years and after its development is now an organ occupies the first place in the unique discovery of rare stuff in the depths of the Earth.
The idea of the device The device works by modern scientific innovative system and new geological survey system, so the device works quickly and distinctive technology to detect targets large front range and speed of REAL TIME which give the device speed and extra power granted to discover all the treasures with complete precision and exceptional performance.
And new technology and device has a built-in smart identifiers in an electronic chip minute allergy and its references to purification device of unwanted impurities.
A Long Range Locator painterly and feelings at the same time very sophisticated
This system property transmission and reception to send to electric geo waves frequencies is strong, and by the integrated receiver can select and a goal and track and link it through power line connector to the target and determine the point of presence and depth with precision and ease.

Specifications and technologies

The main unit of the device (the main processing unit and settings).
And composed of:
• To determine the target type to detect and identify the remaining options for the device.
• Control panel keys.
• Hot key.
• Entrance to the ground connector.
• Entrance to the speakers.
• Gateway charger + light to indicate charging.
• External speaker out.
• Ground connector unit (transmitter unit), (to the sensory system bandwidth).
• Receiver operates on a 9 volt battery and light battery strength and with directors of energy to connect with antennas (for work on the sensory system bandwidth).
• 2 reception antennas to work on the sensory system.
• Cables between receiver and antenna (for work on the sensory system bandwidth).
• Headphones.
• Home electric Charger 12 volts.
• 12 volt car charger.
• Carry bag and save to your device and its accessories and capes.
• Carrying strap bag.
• Manuals in several languages, including Arabic.
• CD tutorial for how to use the device.
• Ensure that international for three years.
• Ensure the results seat entertainment option for three years.
Functions use
• Use the device in an integrated and comprehensive detection systems for prospecting and subsoil and disclosure for the following operations:
• Search for water
• Prospecting and gold nuggets
• For industrial requirements as locating buried wire and pipe concretes
• Property and technical distinction between metal and choose the type of metal you want to find the search began before
• Works in all forms and types of terrain and different soil types whatever solid and Rocky and metallic and salty
• Waterproof prevents leaking water inside, and visor shocks
• Totally unaffected by wired and wireless communication terminals, and electrical lines high pressure high
• Works on internal battery lithium ion rechargeable 12-Volt to work for 48 hours
• Explore to a depth of 10 meters accuracy in all soil conditions
• Disclose to the front range 2000 m when using the sensory radar system
• The weight of the machine complete with all its accessories and accessory bag load is 2 kg only
• Weight and intensity, is exactly 1 kg only.
• A process of knowledge and having the goal area 3 km and specify the path to the goal within two minutes only
• The system runs through high definition LCD display system and a special section of the touch keyboard is on the left side of the control panel
• Clear screen and displays the results and data detection and identification of the type of metal and its name and its frequency, and signal strength battery
• Gold metal detect targets from a distance, with the ability to identify the type of metal you want to search for and select the path and discovered his place in 11 minutes, whatever the depth of the metal then
• Discovered gold, silver, bronze, brass, aluminum, diamonds, lead, iron and caves and voids with a specific metal.
• Detects metal blanks to a depth of 10 and even 20 meters under the ground
• Determines the location and depth of the target with complete precision.

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