look on the coast with the use a metal detector to find gold

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Golden beaches, or look on the coast with the use a metal detector to find gold Many of us love summer, Sun, sea, beach, which brings pleasure and relaxation from everyday routine. But, it turns out, and vacation on the beach did not wish but also useful for your pockets!
Rings of gold and silver the other gold jewelry like! It happened many times that the water we lose our precious things, but not so often that we found them (cases of units that have been victims of indiscriminate irony-“slipped, fell, woke up, and before the nose ring). But this can be easily corrected and will be a feature if you have a metal detector, much faster than you will find in their hands, long settled in the decoration of the sea or rivers that could make your journey to the sea, and a simple walk along the banks of the river is fun and more profitable!

Golden beaches, or look on the coast with the use of a metal detector

Those who engage in similar occupations, use a metal detector to find gold are well aware of this, not without difficulty. Indicates whether the provided trash metal down the beaches. Of course many interested in the idea of “you can configure your metal detector to recognize the precious metal the usual garbage?” well, lots of us are masters at developing a variety of “knowledge”, but instead the implementation isn’t for everyone, for this need to know are a few esoteric pieces and be able to place them in my head even on the chart (for example, to create a metal detector with a built-in video screen the sand, so to speak, so yes the scanner He still works). But it turns out to not be very easy.

use a metal detector to find gold

Golden beaches, or look on the coast with the use of a metal detector
Crosses gold and silver trash problem can be solved in two ways: first, purchase a good quality metal detector, and the second can be solved to some extent using the skills acquired in the classroom we geography etc, you need to know about what we are looking at the situation.
At one beach jewelry can fall in a pile of trash and other debris beach can fall into a pile of precious metals and jewels, which greatly changed the subject.
For example, you can take, so famous ignorant people in this business, and the island of Ko Lipe, which is located in the Pacific: on one side of the newly arrived tourists Frolic, it is clear that here is a little confusing, because the plugs, caps, effortless beer Quicken also unintentionally a minor point that covers the entire coast; but if you have the tenacity and resourcefulness will lead you to the other side of the island, where quiet and elegant relaxation “tovuz”, which you can find here The gold rings are beautiful stories with diamond, watches, bracelets and many other decorations. The hotel owners know they have a lot to learn and enjoy this search metal detectors here paid $ 100 per hour.
Looking for vintage treasures most definitely fits the abandoned town as some sand coast of Tenerife Spain-for example, the distance to Earth from any pretty decent (32 km from the African coast). Here you can find elements of the sunken “long gold earrings”, (ancient coins, charms, studded with precious stones) and, of course, such results do not always come as extremely rare, will do its utmost to bring to reality the expression “looking, that you will always find.”
Can become a confirmation of these discoveries unusual case in Florida, where hurricanes, found not only lost, but also finds the treasure, which offered huge waves on the coast nobility (prior to this time not as an interesting and attractive to archaeologists).
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