Lorenz Deepmax

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The Lorenz machine deep Max is one of the cutting-edge technologies that support pulse induction technology.
Is one of the most accurate and flexible hardware and sensitivity to search for treasures.
This machine is the result of enormous efforts and genuine and intensive studies led to get this device.
This device supports a technology called (PULSE-GBS).
(PULSE – GROUND BALANCING SYSTEM) or earth balance calibration pulsed and this system is the latest and strongest to increase the depth of the search.
The performance of this device is not affected by soil salinity or metals in the soil which are high temperatures and especially electromagnetic currents formed and affecting the work of hardware as a result of heat or salinity.
So the device works effectively and to great depths and not affected by the different soil types and works in the worst environmental conditions as a result of its reliance on the principle of pulse induction technology so the search power device and its dependence on pulse induction principle makes him more powerful hardware and up strongly to depths up to 12 m equivalent to 40 feet.
This device is developed for many years until it became more professional and precise devices for connecting to target different goals and revealed great depths with precision and speed, and can connect multiple dishes in different sizes for this device, the device works in open areas and large effective especially with large dishes Quartet ribs, welaitathr device with salinity, soil moisture and deletes unwanted metals signals using small dish machine can effectively hunt very small goals as coins and gold beads
Lorenz Deepmax
Hardware components
Main unit
Telescopic pole
A 35 cm
Under file 1x1m
Tutorial tweaks on the device
Catalogs English
Shoulder strap
AC charger
A 26 cm
A 35 cm
Disc 45 cm
Cable 5 m
8 meter cable
12 m cable
Carrying case
1 year manufacturers warranty
German industry