Lorenz LPX2 metal detectors

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Lorenz LPX2 metal detectors
Lorenz lbeks 2

Lorenz LPX2 metal detectors

LPX2Metal Minelab detector Lorenz
LPX2 Lorenz
Lorenz lbeks 2 working metal detector is very sensitive and stable measuring instrument.
Is based on the principle of “pulse induction” which allows detection of metal objects at great depths. Will be detected large metal objects several meters while using large search coil. Lorenz metal detectors are very versatile and are constructed to locate metal objects both large and small in the ground. Coil circuit and electronics research designed to give additional depth of non-ferrous metals, and reduce the effects of soil or a salt water.
All metals will give audible response with 2 lbeks. Small non-ferrous plates and coins will respond very sensitively with available for 7 ” and 6 ” inch coil, which works in conjunction with the handle Rod S overlapping with armrest. Will automatically tune electronics to windings connected. Lorenz LPX2 metal detector detector
Dimensions and weight:
Operating frequency: power source:
Power consumption:
Time of use:
Aubiratine temperature:
Approx. 920 g (including batteries)
700/1300 pulses per second.
15 V = 10 x AA batteries
About 130 mA
Approximately 17 puree in alkalins
-5 to + 55 ° c
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Detection depth
Coin (= 2 cm):
Steel box (30 x 18 x 15 cm): 35 cm
250 cm
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Controls and connectors
Power source 2 lbeks located at the bottom of the control box. Please make sure that is placed 10 x AA cells in the battery holder. To open the unit simply press both knobs to control box simultaneously. Please never connect charger unit while having LPX2 batteries non-rechargeable battery. Please read the instructions from the manufacturer of this unit that feeds the first!
During the search coil connector connected to the electronics and sound-control from the off position to the position marked, 2 lbeks. Will disconnect automatically when the power source is disconnected coil-search link from the electronics.
Sound-control change rate ticking from silent to sound low frequency tone of 2 lbeks, and also serves as a control sensitivity.
Zero-button to set the sound electronics ritonis. response during pressing it for about two seconds before starting the search. While holding the metal control should not be in the proximity of the search coil.
Change frequency of operation 2 lbeks control frequency of occurrence and must be changed only when the power lines interfere with radio transmitters LPX2 ore.
Headphones-Jack …You can connect any stereo headphones with the plugs 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) to this Jack. Built-in speaker will automatically turn off when headphones are connected.


Charger-Jack …Please contact only charger (8 cell AA type) when applying the rechargeable batteries to 2 lbeks avoid with bangs!
Sound a beep sound will give an audible warning. When the discharged batteries.

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