Magical properties of gold

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Magical properties of gold -magic Gold . For many centuries, people have shown an increased interest in gold , embodies the Sun . It was associated with the gods , authority and power and bogatstvom.Stoit note that for ancient peoples gold was much less means to cash settlements magical properties of gold rather than the object of sacrifice to the gods. It was used as a decoration for clothes priests , pharaohs and emperors, it also served as material for statues and ritual constructions . This metal is forced people to fight for him , to take the lives of other people , go to betrayal, to present as a gift to a beautiful woman.

For the modern man is a characteristic of gold status and material prosperity. In fact this difficult metal can bring each of us benefit contribute to success in business , getting rid of some ailments , and change our character for the better. All this you will find on our site .

Magical properties of gold

Gold demonstrates his favor towards bright creative people warehouse , ready to take resolute steps . It is called a metal Lions Magical properties of gold – the most solar zodiac . But just to be born under this zodiac sign is not enough: if these people will bring their essence , become weak and petty , then gold will not bestow them with his power. In connection with these people who can not fight , you should stop wearing gold jewelry. All that they can count on in this case – to find a defender in the face of attacks from gold.

But more often harm provide such protection , significantly outweighed her favor. This leads to a loss of concentration , stop the development , the loss of vigilance. And it’s worth it to stay on for some time without gold -defender , as he did not achieve , becomes subject to any threat .

Magical properties of gold

Therefore, in the absence of inner strength you try to quickly find a replacement for used gold jewelry, and going to bed , remove it from yourself. It is possible magical properties of gold is another option: instead of gold or silver , you can use platinum.

Chains and pendants

One of the useful qualities possessed by gold – the ability to provide serenity emotionally. The presence of a person of a given metal jewelry gives it qualities such as poise , calmness , stability to anger . Thanks to gold on human behavior is not influenced by his mood , and in decision-making , he already comes from a position of rationality and not emotional perception .

In connection with these people , different easy excitability, magical properties of gold useful to wear a gold chain around his neck or pendant , and it must be located so that the data concerned decorating the solar plexus . It is worth noting that , among other things like jewelry help reduce pressure .


The positive effect of worn on the arm of a large gold ring, signet submitted without precious stones , is gaining self-confidence , gaining power over people , bringing good luck and financial success. If a person is wearing such an ornament of gold , he will get a chance to see all of the opportunities will be able to take a risk in situations where it will provide many benefits .

But we have already mentioned that gold helps to increase the strength of which man possesses . If he is weak by nature, then it would be useless gold . Magical properties of gold Therefore it makes sense to wear a gold signet ring on his hand , which will provide protection to its owner , only those who are ready to act , take risks , and to defend their interests .


When wearing gold earrings without stones inclusions , other metals and enamel , a woman can come to know their true nature , overcome complexes and outside influence . With their help, a person considers his own opinion in choosing a path . In addition to this woman often reciprocate , she gets a lot of fans and admirers.

If you have planned a first date or an interview for a new job , then you should certainly wear gold earrings : the power of this talisman will help you succeed . Thanks gold earrings man is capable of heard highlight important information and apply it to good use. Magical properties of gold


If you avoided becoming emotionally dependent on another person or can easily change their own opinion as a result of outside influence , then you better stop wearing bracelets. Otherwise bracelets rob you of freedom that can change for the worse your life.

To resolve that the negative effects that have bracelets, preference should be given jewelry not made ​​of pure gold , and with pendants made ​​of stones , which will have a positive impact on you . Then gold will lose their magical powers and become a normal jewel .

However, if the work is directly linked to the process of creation, the creation of something new, where all you have to do this manually ( paint, sculpt , build ), in which case you should get for yourself a gold bracelet – this metal will improve your skills , which will you to create true masterpieces .

Gold and magical healing properties of gold

It has long been believed that gold can help in the treatment of ailments. Say enough to take in the mouth for some time gold, and it will help relieve the pain in the throat or mouth. Also cope with a toothache can help and the following means: to be placed in a container of clean water gold object without stones, leave it for about one hour, and then put the container on the stove to the water heated to room temperature. This water is used for rinsing the patient’s teeth after every fifteen minutes. This procedure should be conducted 4-5 times, with the metal itself must be in the water.

Also useful for applying for a while to the parts of the body, delivering worry, gold in cases of discomfort in the joints, spine, and liver. Effective means to reduce pain in the spine is considered smooth engagement ring that you want to roll the top down, starting with the neck and ending with the coccyx. In the opposite direction to roll should not be, especially if a person has been reduced pressure.

Gold therapy should not be considered as an alternative to conventional methods of magical properties of gold treatment, prescribed by qualified doctors. It can only act as a supplement to conventional treatment.

It should be borne in mind that gold is able to act as a source of allergic reactions – the area below the rim of the ring can rub off the skin, wearing a chain, pendant and earrings can cause shallow scars. If this happens, you must not put on more products of this metal – apparently there reasons why you can not use them, they do not suit you.

Ancient doctors were of the opinion that with the help of gold can be overcome with sadness and depression. However, in this regard is quite logical to stereotype – perhaps will fall into sadness and faint person who owns a lot of gold?

Along with this gold acted as one of the ingredients for making a love potion, as it has magical properties. There was a belief that a person magical properties of gold who drink wine, infused with gold ring, can fall in love with the owner of this jewelry, gold is giving a piece of the blame hot sun.

Plots of gold

Despite the fact that it has been many centuries since, when people first began to use the plots for gold, they still continue to use. And for such rituals should certainly be used gold of the highest standard, in other words, as part of a proportion of metal impurities should be minimal.

Conspiracy Beauty

Conspiracy to commit part of choosing a day when there is a growing moon, carrying it at dawn. Encouraged to plan it on Tuesday. Must be filled with clean earthenware bowl (the well or spring) water and then dip it in a gold ring without stone. Next, you need to move your ring on the water from the center to the edges, just as the expanding spiral. Magical properties of gold During this ritual should pronounce the following words:

Power ring for my face,
be beauty, like the ring without end.
Gold in the water, the water on the face,
Thereafter, the ring is put into the water and allowed to stand over night. And the bowl should be placed on a window sill in a place where it will fall sunlight. After the time indicated Blessed water is used for washing for three days, during which we should speak the same words.

Conspiracy wealth

Conspiracy to commit part of choosing a day when there is a growing moon, the optimum time – second lunar day. Must be placed in a new quality purse large bills or gold coin. Then purse should be three times to wrap a gold chain. When performing the ritual need to say the following:

As the golden chain purse twists, Magical properties of gold
so money in my house added,
gold to gold, money makes money,
wealth itself sticks to the hands.
Money will fill my purse,
as soon as the new moon flash horn.
My word is strong!

As soon as the last words will be spoken, purse with chain should be placed away from prying eyes, holding it there until the full moon. When it’s full moon, the chain should be removed, it can be used as decoration. Also can be used wallet for its intended purpose, but the bill, which participated in the ritual, you need to save. Need to postpone it to a place where no one will touch it. There, it should lie at least a month.


In conclusion I would like to say that the use of gold (magic gold), which is typical for any other mascot, talisman or amulet, is only if people will believe in its power (magic gold), to appeal to him about assistance, and offer thanks to the goal. It also responds to regular care: you need to clean it thoroughly so that it shone, and this charm will always help you.

Therefore, if you are aiming to ensure that it was not only beautifully decorated, but without effect, then you should properly and treat it.

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