Make a metal detector in two minutes!

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Make a metal detector in two minutes!

Are you ready for the excitement of our project in this week?

If equipped the following articles:

1. plastic tray: small size to be used for the development of our components. You can use a CD tray old
2. small size calculator
3. radio is small and the area of any or AM
4. adhesive or glue.
What is draft day?
We saw so much metal detectors spread around us, at airports, important buildings, sensitive areas. It has already tried to find out how they work? Or do you like to do a simple experiment which studied the work a simple metal detector in record time?
To proceed if and enjoy watching this video:
Make ,  metal detector, in two minutes,Make a metal detector
Make a metal detector

Alerts for:

1. you must use radio frequencies, AM
2. move the index up to a maximum radio wave in alrdaio, around 1700 kHz
3. try to choose relatively to net wave does not contain much noise to hear and receive frequency calculator
4. run the calculator placed near the radio and try to move the cursor up to the best sound can be captured

It was too simple.What is the secret behind those simple way?

Metal detectors depend on a particular frequency wave transmission and the ability of certain particular form to be received by a special device. When a miner near the waves sent in the air, some of the properties of the wave changes-such as frequency-because of the metal. And what we did in this project is that we are using the calculator to generate simple waves we sent in the air, and then we received the radio waves. When the metal near the calculator the calculator’s wave affected so it will change the sound that you hear through the radio. The fact that the impact of the relatively short because of waves emanating from the calculator too weak.

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