Makro Deephunter Detector

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Makro Deephunter Detector



A device, which can meet the deeply buried treasures, cavities and single coins
Unparalleled technology: deephunter  is the first detector in the world which combines the possibilities of deep search detection of cavities and individual coins in one appliance. Now you can buy a powerful appliance that has the ability to localize as single coins and older treasures of extreme depth. Deephunter  features, with no motion mode and mode with motion of the antenna. Enjoy the speed and depth of detection, for which others have only dreamed of.

Makro Deephunter Detector metal detectors for gold



If you have two in one. Change detection with just the push of a button. Choose between two modes: 1 a powerful internal arrangements for the localization of cavities and empty spaces in the ground with full color 3D image analysis. Or 2. Light-weight and fast mode for the location of individual items and gold nuggets of exclusive full-depth discrimination and tonal sound identification.


Mode 1

Mode of operation without movement of the antenna for deep search, valuable metals and cavities.
Simply connect the T44 standard antenna and you’ll quickly start to discover hidden treasures in areas where you have tried with other detectors. The dimensions of this antenna are 36 x 44 cm.
For operators who need a greater depth, simply connect the larger T100 antenna and you’ll be able to find more great articles on an unexpected depth. The size of this antenna is 60 x 100 cm
Mode 1 is designed to be easy to use. The intuitive interface is easy to understand by all operators, both amateurs and professionals. The color display of the Deephunter  displays a Visual representation of the signal from the found object in an advanced 3D image analysis. In addition, you will see the type of metal, the depth and its size before you started kopete.


Accurate metal identification and 3D graphics of the subject


You can see both 3D graphics and the identification of the metal screen for the report, which will be displayed after the detection of the target. Thanks to its precise identification of the subject matter, deephunter  shows the type of metal, “referring to one of four groups: 1. gold, 2. precious metals, iron, Steel, 4 3.


Detection of cavities


In addition to the detection and correct identification of the metal, the device can also locate underground structures such as caves, cavities, treasuries, tunnels, shelters and tombs – all this with advanced 3D graphics. Metals can also be detected in these underground structures.


Determination of the depth


It just shows the depth of the found object in centimeters on the display.


Rejection of iron
The built-in possibility of rejection of the deephunter  allows the iron to eliminate iron objects at the same time to detect only the valuable metals. Now you can find treasures for which others have only dreamed of.


The opportunity to provide the graphical form of the found signals (oscilloscope)
In mode 1, the system for continuous oscillation shows the graphics from the signal of the found object on display.


Mode 2

Mode with a quick recovery, able to detect single gold coins and small objects at very great depths with sound identification.
In this mode, when working with the standard C32 antenna (26 x 32 cm), you can easily meet single coins, jewelry, gold and other small objects in the depths, which cannot be reached by other detectors. Add the bigger antenna C47 (39 x 51 cm) and you will be able to reach the larger objects of the even greater depth, as well as in mode 1.
This system is easy to use and identify the metals of great depth. The operator is warned for the type of metal through three different sounds. With this tool you can easily determine the metal of gold, precious metal or iron.


Outstanding performance of mineralized soil


You can easily perform searches on any type of soil, thanks to deep hunter    special settings in mode 2, which is designed for the high mineralized soils.
Using the settings for the iron, you can avoid false alarms, eliminating interference from minerals in high mineraliziranata soil or areas with a high content of iron, such as beaches, wet sands, arable soils etc.


Elimination of iron


In mode 1, here you can also eliminate the iron using the Elimination of iron and only meet precious metals.


Discrimination of metal with 3 acoustic tones


Mode 2 is very accurate and easy to understand system for metal discrimination. The drive made 3 different sound for detection of metal. Low tone for iron objects and 2 similar high tones for valuable and golden objects
Advanced technology, easy to use
Mode 2 is designed to facilitate the operator. Amateurs and professionals will appreciate the ease of operation. This mode provides a much faster way of looking like the detection indicates subject only with sound.
Delightful representation of any type of soils
Everything you need in one appliance
Combined detector to search for treasures and coins