man that found gold coins with metal detector

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man that found gold coins with metal detector

15 years ago, in the village of (important), adjacent to the city of Irbid, North of the capital, while paving the road with Roman Cemetery has been detected.


On a rock overlooking the cemetery, I found the graphics appear a snake … Snake by Roman belief, it is only to protect the bodies and spirits of gold holdings and thieves …


..Then began the large numbers of representatives of the municipality of Irbid Antiquities service started to place detecting and finding what the cemetery … And feeling all the time “disclosure Devin Golden inevitably.”.


For historical reference. The Romans upon the death of each of them, burying his possessions with him and a jar filled with gold, above the head of the corpse, which offers all the undergone exhuming about history …
When raking each tomb was discovered tractor and utensils. Here thar everyone vanished dreams, empty jar first, second, third and fourth as well.And after the press published an important discovery in..Roman graveyard. “.


As expected, the gold is a dream under lurks in the imagination of many, “village (important) is the most important gold village.”


“Gone Osmani, necklaces and rings and gold Roman walls, tombs with priceless riches, or diamond encrusted statues.”. Is the dream of gold seekers, but “rumor” long village and several places in the Kingdom.Of maintaining what they only researchers called “obsessed” about gold …

Mysteries unknown place

Place of burial unknown, either in the North or South of the Kingdom, East or West, but …Just go to “fortune teller” or “rented gold detector.”.But the latter option is not available to everyone because the price exceeds thousands of dinars.


Symbols and signs

Their lives aren’t as disrepute is not a hobby it mania … “We want to get money to the shortest and fastest” dream “rich in day and night” and consequences “where one spot us.”.Why “because it is a punishable offence.”.


Go to the area, and when you see the rock above the shadow tree.Then drilling meters or 2 …You will find then alloys and booty …These words from someone working for 5 years in a career “gold”.


Mohamed, 27, one of those young gold Finder … Says: “I looked for gold five years, indicating the search includes book references and symbols and Ottoman and Roman connotations, where you sell a secret libraries, looking for signals that were either Viper and phrases or Crescent and star, as you rely on people who they talk to me about having gone in, go from me to dig.” Ahmed, a 27-year-old girlfriend, seeking did not exceed a year and a half, and day trips for access to gold, “and our destination was dependent on rhetoric”.


Gold mania

Director of Irbid effects, JVC krasnh, inspectors in the field while trying to help some of the reactions to reach gold “that they found” …Says: “always urge them to provide Interior Ministry summoned, to give them in turn permit entitled (search for gold burials) and within the legal grounds and to pay a sum of money”.


Many, they say, don’t stress … “Someone says me that this region full of gold, and gold historical relics, but when my question is have you seen in your eye is no answer. “.Talk lkrasnh.


One expert, Dr. Mohammed Abu abella, demonstrates the risk of “Golden burials thieves.”. They are looking in many ways for ways make money fast and by conveying the existence of gold in their territories or other land, “purchase of remote sensing devices for rhythm, or through sorcery and magnetic sleep”.


With good krasnh finds the Golden trove near each railway “are not true”, but “rumor” he tried years ago when search parties, he and his Department of Antiquities, but “we do not find something.”


Smashing heritage

Umm qais, one of the ten Romanian cities, where exploration and discoveries only relics and Roman work and rarely uncover work in residential homes, which revealed some gold holdings of the NAS where they live “.


“The effects could be crashing, any gold seekers cannot afford the consequences more important than gold, and may shatter without any interest.”.Wekrasnh highly recommended all road legal as spoken more than once … “Who wants to search for gold to make a request to the Ministry of the Interior, and by reporting to the General Department of Antiquities came and received, on the basis of that, gives equivalent depending on the value of the found “.


Good one krasnh tells of problems in the Department of Antiquities.Someone has a distinctive location, tell me that someone comes in day and offered him buy land map, this map helps him access to gold, but asked for giving him 10 thousand dinars map, and asked me, she advised him to behave the way legal and then pulled out the map … This is irrefutable proof of the existence of a “.


“Gold is not as imagined or as some say that the Earth is full, we could find gold coin or gold earrings here or there but not necessarily be available in quantities.”.Talk to Abu abella.


And they are not “official” mining “the loss of a very large home, which squandered many artifacts” …And thus “Devin gold, nor the effects of valid.”.


Expert says Abu abella: “lose their historical value, to be extracted from the Earth must be scientifically based. Off, snake and symbolic significance of gold, “these ordinary graphics, we can draw and say look there are gone.”.
“We operated five months with a British delegation to re-examine major Arabic revolution, started with Rails, and all what we found by the Turkish army and wear simple equipment for daily needs them then, as rumors say gone, gone talk and Turks were a sick man”.
He says that the story of hidden near the railway “is unwarranted myths start, and the Government can’t put guards on all historic impact.”
The law criminalizes
By law, no. 21 of 1990 and amendment to article 23 of 2004 it prohibits anyone trafficking in antiquities or taken, and the punishment of up to three years, and a fine of up to 3,000 dinars.
Restores Abu abella causes increased numbers of youth gold Finder to “unemployment” which agreed with both Muhammad and that he considered the primary motivation for consideration, “Yes, I did work, I was a full-time job all the time.”

American mine services

Search for “natural” gold is not easy work, “needed a specific mechanism to extract, this work of major companies and institutions have huge funds,” so what the geologists, Captain Khaled El-shawabka.. “Natural gold need certain climatic conditions and available within the Earth layers and veins, stretching hundreds of meters beyond distances “and” looking amateur is only gone to bygone civilizations. “
Mohamed not only “book people” in his search for gold but went to fortune-tellers, but he soon felt that they “do not know” soothsayers.Speaking about their methods … “We we dig, or bring a primitive component of two iron and magnetic resonance and laser devices to check the temperature of metal “.
“Detectors for gold” as seen by Captain alshawabkeh … “Devices revealing mines traders purchased from the United States, usually held by the infantry armies have used for a while and no longer need them and even gold detectors are used only in specific areas such as beaches and not as areas in Jordan. Detect all the minerals in the land, and individuals are limited to gold, and there are devices designed to search for a specific type of minerals in the area.
Can the hardware detection gone deep underground?
“I doubt it, search for it and find the mists.”

man that found gold coins with metal detector