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Is one of the newest models of handguns Garrett detectors.
Made with cutting-edge technology, are ergonomic for research without fatigue and with great resistance to impact, providing 360 degree detection of all ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects. The operator selects between audio signal or silent vibration when identified target.


Visual indication of target tracking with LEDs and indicator. The weight is almost a pound, and its operation is automatic for maximum sensitivity without requiring epanasyntonismwn. Works 80 hours with only one battery of 9 volts.


Operating frequency: 96 KHz
Audio frequency: 2KIz
Indications: Lights (Red = alarm, green = machine in operation, Orange = battery fallen)
Alarm signals: Sound from the loudspeaker, Visual from the red light, silent with donisi of michanimataos.
BEING (speaker/lamp), OFF, ON (vibration/light)
Battery: One 9 VOLT
Warranty: 24 months
Weight: 0.45 kg
Width: 8.3 cm
Height: 3.2 cm
Length: 48.3 cm
Setting: automatic
Instruction manual: English


EXTRA ACCESSORIES: EPANAFORTISIS KIT (includes battery cadmium into the environment friendly type of Ni-MH battery and charger)

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