Metal Detecting Gold Metal Detectors FINDING GOLD

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For what purpose you want to buy a metal detector – this is the first question that you should ask the seller or consultant. Since the purpose of the device determines its ability, sensitivity, etc. So, what should be the car treasure hunt or prospector.

Detectors for gold prospecting gold particles are able to detect less than a match head weight of less than 180 mg. Such sensitivity detectors to search for relics and treasures do not need, they are well able to detect targets in size with 1 cop. coin.

Metal Detecting Gold Metal Detectors FINDING GOLD metal detectors for gold

The graph shows the average data for the detection depth and sensitivity of the detectors under laboratory conditions. Detectors that use multi-frequency technology Explorer and Sovereign, have much to gain in depth and sensitivity in areas littered with plugs, nails and other trash or with an abundance of hot stones – once there is an occasion to remember how much money spent on the device. Generally, one advice: buying the device, think about where and what you want to search for, read the minimum information and do not hesitate to their ignorance, all discuss with the specialist. This guarantees you a reasonable expenditure of money and purchase order is an instrument that will not disappoint.


Deep detectors to search for great treasures


Attention! Do not purchase such devices to search for rare coins at a depth of 6 meters. It will not work! Detectors TM808, Gemini-III does not react to small targets. Limit the sensitivity of these devices starts with size canning jars, they can detect at a depth of 20 cm, zinc ammunition at a depth of 1.5 meters, two hundred liter drum 4 meters, tank and 6-meters. Was a case where we found with the TM808 Kyle at a depth of 70 cm Devices demanding setting on the ground. They are easy to survey large areas, but requires tremendous patience. It is desirable to seek to bring the enthusiast with a shovel and pick.

Metal Detecting Gold Metal Detectors FINDING GOLD


Why a search coil 8 inches? The figure shows how the search engine problem faced by working a large coil at the site where the goals are placed close to each other. The signal from the coin overlapping signals from nails. It becomes impossible to determine the exact location of the target, as well, are becoming ineffective work discriminator. As a result, you hear weird and steady signal, and if the purpose of steel larger coin discriminator unambiguously points to the iron, and the goal will be missed. In such conditions, obviously, the smaller the coil diameter, the easier it is to navigate. Strongly recommend the use of a small coil at inspection of attics and basements. Increasing the size of the antenna does not lead to a proportional increase in the depth of detection. Doubling the diameter increases the depth of search on about 20-30%. Eight inches – this is not the limit. There are five-inch specimens.

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