Metal detector and what we can find

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Metal detector and what we can find



Thanks to a metal detector , you will find very quickly several types of results , more or less appreciated by detectoristes.

Old or new currency

Whether new or old , coins are very popular with detectoristes which is for most of those in charge basic currencies or collector. Thus, Roman coins , coins contemporary royal and other euro lost a few hours before , or in some cases , centuries ago , and will be updated again through a metal detector . There is often step cleaning the currency ( see our cleaning groups ), during which he must sometimes gently scrape the ground or remove the matrix covering the patina before arriving to determine the currency . To do this, you must pinpoint strikes workshop, year and type of currency . Groups will determine our help you determine the best your coins .


Finding gold with a metal detector is easy. Whether the currency ( Roman coins ) , or alloy jewelry, gold is very popular and has always coveted , hidden , buried … And found in many cases. Sand from the beach or an object that was the discovery of gold under the ground. The only exception is gold foil which can not be disclosed, and that you must use panning.


They make us dream , and yet they exist everywhere , through the turbulent war years , and full of buried treasures in a hurry , the invaders or enemies approach . Violent events such as ropes , and religious wars , and the Hundred Years War , barbarian invasions or Nazism , may lead to scenes from the displacement of which some economies away buried underground. It is said that some of the treasures to the family , such as a grandfather who hid his gold bullion in the garden of his house before he dies suddenly , others are accessible to anyone: digging wells, and more generally the fields that are regularly cash deposits and caches of treasure through the detectors minerals.

Metal detector and what we can find
Metal detector and what we can find


Miliaria means all mineral wastes associated with armed conflict, from ancient times to today. In most cases , militaria just about the two world wars and either modern or ammunition old (balls musket , spikes arrows, and cartridges) or weapons ( pistols, machine guns , etc.) or equipment ( helmets , belts , badges ), or even buried vehicles ( motorcycles and aircraft …). Sometimes we find by chance a sword or shield that was used centuries ago. In all cases, we must be very careful when militaria to discover that even after 60 years underground some explosives are still in working condition . This is also why does not allow it to detect some departments and some beaches.


Whether modern or ancient , jewelry is an important part of the discoveries that are made with a metal detector . Medieval knight , Visitors bracelet or a gold ring often from the ground, or sand for those who practice beachcombing. Jewelry embodies this luxury that has lost little or centuries ago the idea . It is always a strong passion for the drilling of a bracelet or necklace as there are behind these objects are often unique craftsmanship , coupled with a history of its own.

Religious objects

Many of the items found in the disclosure indicates to Medallions religion , crosses, or pendants often are updated on a picnic with a metal detector . It is often useful to put it in the context in which these items lost or buried .


Let’s be honest , even with the best metal detector that is, you can not escape from the cartridges and other aluminum pellets : This is the daily lot for all (users of the metal detector ) , and cleaning . But it is an honor for us to collect scrap metal cluttering our land is commendable and we help clean nature .

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