Metal detector to find gold and treasure garrett at gold

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New model from the company Garrett. Waterproof to 3 meters. Ideal to search every field type .

Recommended by the manufacturer for: Search metals, coins, jewelry , treasures , antiques and detection in shallow freshwater .

Not recommended for use in salt water or the edge of the sea the waves .

The garrett at gold operates at a frequency of 18KHz for the discovery of very small pieces of gold jewelry , coins and antiques.

Metal detector to find gold and treasure garrett at gold  Garrett AT GOLD metal detector


All Metal Mode – Mode for all metals

The actual operation for all metals adds greater depth detection and greater sensitivity to small metal objects.

Graphic Target Analyzing – Graphical target analysis

Simultaneous indication of the conductivity of the metal and its position on the scale identification .

All Terrain – Universal Field

Designed for use in a wet or full of moisture or dust. The waterproof construction permits be submerged in fresh water to a depth of 3 meters.

Digital Target ID – identity digital display metal

Numerical range ( from 0 to 99 ) shows the conductivity of the metal being detected so that there is very good recognition and separation of metal between them .

Hi-Res. Iron Discrimination – Very analytical separation of iron

Provides 40 levels of analysis in the separation of iron – controlled with keyboard and monitor that displays the corresponding number . This function helps to separate the good from ferrous targets with greater accuracy .

Adjustable Threshold – Adjustable threshold background audio

Allows the user to set himself the “threshold ” of the audio signal sounds fixed in the background to “hear ” their targets better.

Pro Mode Audio – Professional Audio

Advanced acoustic system performance goals that every audio information to pass on and give the user the exact characteristics of the target.

Iron Audio – Sound Iron

Allows the user to hear distinctions iron to identify problematic flat iron objects like bottle caps and washers.

All-Metal Iron Audio – Sound Iron in operation for all metals

Garrett’s exclusive function that allows acoustical separation iron even function ALL METAL.

Ground Balance Manual – Manually adjust the ground

Allows the operator to set manually adjust the machine to the ground to eliminate potential interference due to its high content of mineral soil .

Ground Balance Window – Window to adapt to the ground

Garrett’s exclusive function that allows the operator to ” split” the adaptation to the ground to eliminate the subtle variations of soil.

Fast Track Ground Balance – Quick adjustment with the ground

Automatic mode allows the operator to automatically adjust the detector ground high in ore.

Electronic Pinpointing – Electronic centering target

This traffic-free operation in place for all metals used to define precisely the point that has detected the target metal .

One – Touch Treasure Hunting

By pressing a button the detector : Opens , Closes and returns to its factory settings.

Technical Specifications:

Target ID Cursor segments
Cursors target recognition ( number / volume ) 20
Iron Discrimination Segments
Cursors separation of Iron 40
Search Modes
Methods / Detection Methods 3
Sensitivity / Depth Adjustments
Sensitivity Settings / depth of 8
Electronic Pinpointing
Electronic Centering target Yes
Operating Frequency Transmission / 18 KHz
Audio Tone Levels
Levels audio tone 3
Standard Searchcoil
Fixed disk detection 5 “x 8” (14x20cm) DD Pro Formance
Length (adjustable)
Length adjustable 42 “- 51” (1,06 m – 1,29 m)
Total Weight
Total Weight 3,03 lb (1.4 kilos)
4 AA batteries (included / included )
Guarantee 2 years, Limited parts / labor
2 years , Being confined parts / labor

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