What should be the metal detector to find gold

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What should be the metal detector to find gold

Metal detector for gold

Find gold with metal detector has its specificity. Gold as a metal, conductivity and the scale of discrimination, is located on the border with oxidized iron, so the metal detector for gold should have wider range of ferrous metals. Gold finds most often small sizes, and metal detector must be sensitive to small goals. Overview of the requirements for effective search of gold.

Find gold with metal detector

Find gold with metal detector simultaneously easy and difficult. Easy, because the metal detector will be able to “see” the gold that lies at a depth of. Difficult, because the search for gold should be where it is. But if you put together a specialized capabilities of the detector and a place where gold is gold finds.

Features metal detector for gold

You can search for gold with any metal detector, which is discrimination. But for the effective and specialized search gold finds, metal detector must have a specific set of functions.

Discrimination. Gold on the scale of discrimination is on the border of black oxidized metals. And the gold discovery which lies at a depth of more than 20 centimeters, can easily “slip” into a zone of ferrous metals, especially if it is old and base gold. Therefore, for a clear separation of gold and rusty iron, metal detector should have extended-range of ferrous metals. Large range of ferrous metals gives a more precise tuning to search gold finds.

Sensitivity to small goals. Gold with a metal detector finds, finds the smallest size (Nugget ring, earring). Metal detector for gold should be capable of high sensitivity to such purposes. Such opportunities gives primarily coil. Search coil for gold, it is primarily the type of DD, small or medium-sized dimensions.

Set up on the ground. Rarely come across gold find in plain black box. Finds of gold with a metal detector, it’s either native gold or jewelry on the beach. Almost always native gold is surrounded by natural high mineralized, which itself has had a negative impact on the work of the detector. Search for gold on the beaches, too, is associated with the natural that finding — salty sand. Without extended (automatic and manual) settings, searching with a metal detector will be more difficult (fall depth, phantom signals, errors of discrimination).

What are the metal detectors for gold

Metal detectors for gold are divided into two types: generic and specialized. Universal metal detectors for gold, allow you to search different types of targets, including gold finds. This type of metal detectors has all options and possibilities to search for gold, but you can always use them to search for coins or other ancient finds. Specialized metal detectors to search for gold, expensive professionals who will be able to find gold on even the most difficult sections, where the normal metal detector will be useless.