Metal Detector Fisher F75

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Metal Detector Fisher F75


Description Fisher F75

Metal detector Fisher F75 allows successfully to find coins and relics in much mineral soil. Fisher F75 has several search modes in dynamic mode, the mode “all metals” for increase in detection depth, and static mode search ” Fast Grab. ” Static mode to search for the exact determination of the place of occurrence of the subject. This automatically measured by the depth of its occurrence. Squelch-Tek ® technology allows to reduce the influence of electrical noises, you can select one of four preset operating frequencies for destining from the influence of other devices or sources of interference. On-ground Balancing is carried out either automatically or manually. Adjustable threshold tone signal. Discrimination mode there are eight common settings sound tones, four special settings depending on the search terms and adjustable height playing time in dynamic mode “all metals”.

Metal Detector Fisher F75



Metal detector Fisher F75 is very ergonomic and differs according to their weight. Three-piece bar device is in the form of a letter’S ‘, the control unit is located on the handle, and the battery compartment with a standard headphone jack is located under the external side of the joint. The armrest has two ways of installing – for length and angle.


When you turn on and off the metal detector Fisher F75 saves the last custom setting. But you can always go back to factory settings. The screen back light provides a comfortable work with the metal detector at dusk and at night.


The Unit organized a convenient display on screen: two-dimensional discrimination and identifying objects as icons – a chart and the label for the subject-iron, foil, coins, jewelry, etc., as well as the display of conductivity index object from 0 to VDI 99. The minimum number of control bodies – on, three position trigger and the exit button in the menu. Metal detector Fisher F75 screen split into six segments: in the central segment of the VDI is displayed. Segment in the left bottom of the screen shows the device settings “discrimination”. Bottom right-in mode “all metals”. Displays the settings of the device in those modes, such as the level of sensitivity, discrimination, balancing, tonality, etc in the left segment at the top of the screen shows the depth of subject matter and the degree of mineralization of soil, in the segment at the top of the screen displays the amount of iron oxide in soil and the battery level, the lower end (Message Center) displays messages about the found object in static mode and configure the appliance.


Metal detector Fisher F75 features:


Histogram of salinity soil in real time.
Soil disturbance detection (detection of cellars and other covered pits).
High sensitivity to small objects and the quick response from the target.
Two static search modes – “Pin Point” and “no-motion all metals mode”.
Indicator accuracy goal.
Elliptical coil DD 7h11 inches which allows working at garbage sites.
Automatic tuning-out for soil in discrimination mode and manual mode all metals.
Memory on your earlier settings.
Low power consumption.


Technical characteristics

The number of frequency 1 frequency
The main working frequency 13 kHz
Pin Point mode is
There is a frequency shift
Electrical interference tweak there
Manual sensitivity adjustment (0-99)
Ground Balancing (mode), auto, manual
The threshold tone is
Metal type sound recognition is
Additional programs for search are
Programme of work 4
There is a keyboard shortcut
Adjusting speaker volume there are
Type batteries 4 x AA (included)
Battery life up to 40 hours
Weight, 1.6 kg
Made in: United States
Warranty: 5 years