Metal Detector Garrett AT GOLD- DD 5 ” X 8 ”

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Metal Detector Garrett AT GOLD- DD 5 ” X 8 ”


Metal Detector Garrett AT GOLD

Golden key in your Pocket!
Want to look for gold and jewelry on land and in the water? You just need a metal detector Garrett AT Gold.
Recently added search machines market is another interesting device is intended, first, to search for native gold, but are not limited only to this task, and it is suitable also for other destinations. This metal detector Garrett AT Gold, externally similar to Garrett AT Pro, but with totally different electronic stuffing and functional and equipped with special coil.
Such non-traditional traditional constructive!
The company has applied the principles of brand new Garrett in the system of fixing the rods and familiarity with Garrett AT the Gold we will begin with the traditional descriptions of the construction of the detector. S-shaped bar consists of three sections, with the two sections, upper and middle, made of aluminum and the lower part of the plastic rod, the coil is fixed.
Control unit and detector arm on the top bar. Easy arm taped inside the  Garrett AT  Gold soft synthetic material, also has a strap on “Velcro” that helps fix the arm.
The control unit is fixed on the rod and the handle made from polyurethane foam makes the search process values.

Metal Detector Garrett AT GOLD



The control panel is very pronounced, thumb easily reaches any of the keys, so customize Garrett AT Gold is very convenient.
Fixing rods have a Garrett AT Gold is distinguished by originality. The fact of the matter is that this, like Garrett AT Pro underwater detector that can be used not only in the ordinary ground search, but the underwater search, at depths of up to 3 meters.


Because native gold is associated with work in the water, engineers Garrett rightly decided that making properties underwater vehicle detector very  would, after all, when looking in the water there are any surprises.


The originality of the fastening rods is that beyond the usual buttons already, spring, Garrett AT Gold Collet screw clamps are available, but these clips are supplied with detachable screw washers. When working under water connection rods are exposed to mist and conventional ground connection may be damaged, or it may jam. The new system allows to exclude such fixation processes and you will always be able to easily parse the structure of sections of the rods and rinse.

Not a tribute to coil’s unique fashion!

Of course, such a device could not receive his adapted to find nuggets of gold jewelry and small sized sensor. It became a small 14 x 20 cm format DD coil unusual form with cut  in the frontal projection, the front and back surfaces.
This coil is new, it is installed as standard only on the metal detector and has very good characteristics for the roles. Casing spools of durable plastic, special filler is not afraid to wear and kicks on sharp rocks.
The manufacturer guarantees trouble-free operation of the coil without the use of protective equipment, but we advise all future owners Garrett AT Gold immediately take care of the protection of the sensor and buy a plastic protective cover, which is very inexpensive, but will deprive you of any worries about the integrity of the coil.



The metal detector is powered by 4 -batteries, energy is quite enough for 25-30 hours of searching, and if you will be using the headphones, and even longer. In the rear face of the control box has a hinged lid with sealing gaskets, and beneath it lies a special tape with batteries which are already included in the delivery. We suggest that you use only high-quality alkaline batteries or accumulators from trusted manufacturers, in this case, the detector will last long.

This is a must know!

Metal detector 18 kHz operating frequency. This is a very high frequency, since it is the high frequency characteristic ensures high quality search of finding the tiniest gold nuggets or gold jewelry.
Search native gold, like the search for values on the beach and in shallow water is difficult. High frequency coil, and of course, special functional features Garrett AT Gold can help you cope with them and always get the desired findings.
Functionally Garrett AT Gold fitted perfectly under the allotted for it sector tasks. Of course, you can also go with him and in search of antiques and antiquities, but still it is a professional unit, task unit which is strictly defined and he is an expert.
Three programs search
Advanced receiving area of ferrous metals
Digital identification factor
Special mode of voice signals
This all new Garrett AT the Gold with which to search for precious metal and its products will be a very exciting and productive.
Automatic and manual ground balance
“All metals”
Special sound mode that allows you to more accurately identify objectives.
And of course, we cannot ignore the rich features of the detector! In addition to the already mentioned sets of high quality nutrients you get branded headphones (headphones are not intended for diving into the water, but the plug fully sealed), backpack for transport and storage of the detector, as well as a complete set of tools to find native gold, consisting of picks with magnetic catch, storage tanks, containers for collection of finds of gold particles with tweezers, magnifying glass, sieves for sifting sand and books (in English) about search techniques native gold!
Garrett AT Pro Gold detector is created to search for gold in all its forms, but he misses and coins and silver ware found on beaches and in shallow water. You can suggest to search for both novice and professionals seeking to extract real benefits from your hobbies.


Technical characteristics

18 kHz operating frequency,
Manual and automatic ground balance
Identification number of the audio tone 3
5 x 8 coil
Nutrition 4-AA batteries
Dive under water, 3 m
3 search modes
Manual tuning of disturbance is
Automatic and manual tuning-out for soil is
Made in: United States
Warranty: 2 years

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