Metal Detector Garrett AT PRO

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Metal Detector Garrett AT PRO

Description of the metal detector Garrett AT Pro.

All with Garrett At Pro!
New to a pro-SUV ‘s!
Metal detector Garrett At Pro-long-awaited novelty in the market, interest in it is absolutely logical. Equipped with State-of-the-art search engine technology and waterproof, Garrett At Pro instantly found its fans. If you evaluate this innovation globally, then finally a breakthrough in the field of meta detectors structure! Just imagine that now you can not just search and look for what you want and where you want, any restrictions are gone!
Detection depth measurements are impressive! For example, metal detector gold chain feels at a depth of up to five centimetres (and it is a very difficult goal).
The metal detector is worth closer to him and now we’ll tell you about it!

Metal Detector Garrett AT PRO



Done in a smart way!


Construction metal detector Garrett At Pro  repeated previous budgetary models, this is easily explained by the fact that for many years the  Rod detectors gripes. Ease of fixing three rods together using the spring buttons and holes has established itself on the positive side. Garrett At Pro, you can quickly assemble and disassemble, and the large number of holes in the middle bar helps adjust the size of the device under your growth, or under a search task.
metal detector Garrett At Pro is made in black which looks very stylish and solidly, reaffirming that it is the top professional model. The top bar is fastened tightly control box and armrest.
By the way, the control unit of the detector has a very clever system accordance. You will not find here complex clamps, bolts and latches! Gasket sealing system allows you to quickly change the batteries or install another sensor. Control Panel with buttons and display are protected against moisture and dust inside the control unit.
For ease of use, especially when underwater detector using armrest fitted with a strap and taped a special soft material. The armrest can be moved using the adjusting hole.
Coil, strongly fortified on the lower rod, surprised by its shape and design. This brand new sensor, made specifically for Garrett At Pro. DD format gives the ability to sound out the spicy ground beam in great depth. High stability and the possibility of carrying out of search works as a cleaner in the fields and in the shallow waters and beaches of garbage you have!
Metal detector coil Garret At Pro is a treasure trove of new technologies. Case material is solid and durable, the filler is not afraid to wear and beats on stones, so Garrett coil At Pro is the first ever production of metal detectors a sensor that does not require additional protection.


Technical characteristics


GTAx technology/High-Res iron/Fast-Track/One-Touch
Number of frequencies 1
The main working frequency 15 kHz
There is a frequency shift
Electrical interference tweak there
Pin Point mode is
Sensitivity adjustment (segments) from 1 to 8
Ground Balancing (mode) automatic/manual mode
Number of work programmes 6
Battery life, up to 30 hours
Weight 1.4 kg
Made in: United States
Warranty: 2 years