Metal Detector Garrett Master Hunter CX Plus

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Metal Detector Garrett Master Hunter CX Plus – The Model is the leader in its class for over twenty years. A class with many requirements for durability and performance in depth. Deep buried large metal boxes , treasures , etc. is what is called the Master Hunter CX Plus as an expert to find out . The ability to adapt to the multipliers depth ( Specific Disks extra) machine gives unsurpassed depth.

Garrett Master Hunter CX Plus Treasure Hound
Features – Settings Master Hunter CX Plus:

All-Metal Deep seeking Mode

Method deep scan . From the few machines with this feature that allows expert users to discover really deep buried treasures . This function is used by all sizes of discs culminating multipliers depth yielding extremely deep .

– Discrimination: Dual Full Range

Separation by the subtraction method . With the aid of two node  controls two conduction areas ( Ferrous / Non – Ferrous ) and rotational movement of the button removes the area not needed ( rejection) .

Graphic Target ID Cursor

The digital evolution has given the solution and the classic needle ( Magnetic ) has been replaced by a modern LCD screen that delivers quality ( conductivity ) of the metal detected with high accuracy.

– Headphone Jack

Headphone . The most essential accessory for metal detecting earphones that bring the operator in direct contact with each sonic diversity and isolate noise from the external environment . Thus the results with the use of headphones increased dramatically . ( The audio is offered by the company BASIL ) .

– Microprocessor Controlled

Check circuit microprocessor . This means that all the information is filtered out of the circuit so that the final result to the user to be specific and precise .

Garrett Master Hunter CX Plus Metal Detector


– Pinpointing, Coin Depth Measurement.

Electronic centering metal target with simultaneous display of depth.

– Sensitivity / Depth  Adjustment

Sensitivity / Depth Adjustment . This setting enables the user to fully exploit the depth of the machine according to the soil it detects.

– Speaker

External Speaker for operation without Earphones .

– Surface Mount PC Board Technology

The technology used to manufacture the board is that the adhesion surface that means automatically by robotic mechanisms and not by a human hand in order to reset the error cases in the manufacturing factory .

– Touch pad Controls with One-Touch Operation.

Touchpad with functions that need a push .

– Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier – Multiplier depth.

Double Detector System provides Unrivalled Depth Detection of Every Other Scout Drive Up Today . For Detection of large metal objects at great depths and with great accuracy. Also like feature is not activated ( ringing ) of small metal objects ( caps , nails , etc. ) – ” pounding ” only large items .

Adjustable Length from 86,36 cm to 111.76 cm.
Frequency Detection 6.5 kHz Adjustable .
Requires 6 batteries type C « medium » .

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