Metal detector for gold tuning Fisher Gold Bug 2

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Metal detector for gold tuning Fisher Gold Bug 2 – Fisher Gold Bug -2 Metal Detector continues Gold Bugs well-known reputation as one of the premier metal detectors for gold searching. Like its predecessor Gold Bug Gold Bug -2 designed solely to find gold and it can detect gold nuggets down to 0.03 grams size.

By using low-noise , precision custom , temperature compensated components and conductive circuit technology takes Gold Bug -2 metal detector gold searching to a new level – 71 kHz – the highest frequency ever used on an integrated metal detector. The result is an increase in the sensitivity of gold that must be experienced.

Metal detector for gold tuning Fisher Gold Bug 2

Gold Bug -2 also addresses the difficult ground conditions better than metal detectors with lower operating frequency. Areas with high groundwater mineralization, where metal detecting previously been futile , tackles Gold Bug- 2 with flying colors. This is important because gold often occurs in areas with high groundwater mineralization.

The Gold Bug -2 Metal Detector can turn into an extra amplification of weak signals from small or deep gold and use iron discrimination to distinguish ferrous objects . A dust- and water -repellent  makes Gold Bug -2 able to cope with all weather conditions and prolongs life of the electronics . Gold Bug -2 metal detector is quickly becoming a favorite of pros gold miners from Alaska in the north to Australia in the south.

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Quick Start Instructions


Application range: 0 to 50 ° C
Operating frequency : 71 kHz
Search Modes: Auto Tune, Auto- Tune + discrimination mode for iron
Special Features: Advanced due balancing, rain and splash proof design
Range m 10 ” (air test) : 2.5 cm for 0.05 ounces. 10cm to 0.3 grams. 28 cm for 30 grams
Number of coils : Elliptic 6.5 ” , 10″ ( standard ), 14 ”
Power supply: 2 x 9V batteries
Battery Life : Up to 35 hours
Weight : 1,3 kg