Metal detector lorenz deepmax x3

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Metal detector lorenz deepmax x3

Metal detectors system Lorenz – the most sensitive and reliable metal detection devices at the moment. They are designed specifically for professional search and localization .
• High sensitivity to all types of metals
• Trouble-free operation for mineralized soils and salt water .
• Reliability / ease of use .
• Effective survey extended surfaces .
• Automatic adaptation to different coils electronics .
• Unilateral or bilateral induction coil balanced or differential .
• Symbols of ferrous and nonferrous metals  .
• Using a computer search system with LCD display.
• Delay settings to reduce indications small metal objects .
• The soil balancing signals magnetic surface.

Metal detector lorenz deepmax x3  is designed for use with small and large coils. Framework coils allow to conduct effective research on extended surfaces at great depths. Small coils can also be used to find small metal objects.
Metal detector lorenz deepmax x3  reliable searching for metal objects in extreme soil and environmental conditions. Metal detector lorenz deepmax x3  works with two different filters cancel background . He has expanded the depth function for objects of non-ferrous metals , as well as function definitions metal objects using two different target identifications. Pulse GBS system works perfectly thanks to the time delay between the transmitting and the receiving phase. High-speed transmission – the main advantage of being able to search a very large coils. Thus the high frequency mode for ferrous and nonferrous metals .

Metal detector lorenz deepmax x3  was designed to provide some functions , combining high sensitivity and stability with ease of use . That ease of use, minimal control and a wide display make this electronic device is very comfortable to use . Setting up the necessary background is very fast . Basalt soil and brick no problems . Even if the background signal will be a hundred or a thousand times stronger than the signal of a small piece of metal, built-in appliances Metal detector lorenz deepmax x3  recognizes it and sends a signal only when the presence of metal . This is a huge advantage in relation to other systems , and a slight decrease of sensitivity is of little practical value . Time delay function provides additional information on the intended metal. Can be mounted three different range of metal objects : small non-ferrous metals , ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals major . Metal detector lorenz deepmax x3  is designed for worldwide use , an extended range of functions it can solve all the problems of the customer. It is supplied with DVD and booklet , as well as practical exercises that help the user to use the device effectively. Any organization , which requires accurate detection and localization of objects , extract significant benefits from the use of Metal detector lorenz deepmax x3  with a combination of GPS and other data collection.
Additional multi- touch detection with GPS and possibly multiple Metal detector lorenz deepmax x3 , while functioning as a scanner . Multi-touch trigger ensures that each detector search coil and the same mode without interference from adjacent coils. Using appropriate software and hardware can be designed color maps .


Specifications Metal detector lorenz deepmax x3

Dimensions and weight :
Electronic control unit – 26,5 x 9 x 10 cm (1.6 kg)
Case with LDX3 – 40 x 30 x 22 cm (7.3 Kg)
Shoulder strap and belt with device battery – ( 3.3 Kg)
Electrical data :
Working frequency: 2100/1400 pulse / sec (depending on the coil)
Audio signal: 0 – 3800 Hz
Power supply: 12 V / 7,2 Ah
Time : 6 – 10 hours