Metal Detector Nexus Bonanza 10

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Metal Detector Nexus Bonanza 10 – The metal detector is the most affordable Nexus Bonanza detector in a series of Nexus. Like Credo as models , but uses the new transmitter , which allows the detector by 44 % higher than it was the first type of metal detector Standard SE . The metal detector is due to its ease of use and very decent performance designed for both beginners and advanced seekers .

Metal Detector Nexus Bonanza 10

The metal detector is able to operate in all environments , whether it is a salty beaches or heavily infested area of ​​mineralization . The detector has automatic tuning of the probe using the induction balance resonance technology.

Nexus Bonanza metal detector Air test

properties detector

Automatic functions rejection of ferromagnetic minerals

About 44 % stronger than the transmitter , the older Nexus SE
The three-part design of the detector
Operation of the detector
Adjust the volume control and on / off
Ground Balance – Automatic
test battery

Nexus Bonanza Metal Detector Iron Discrimination Review

technical specifications

Operating frequency: 6-18 kHz

Applicable types of probes : 2D
Scales of additional probes : 13 ” 2D – 650 g , 10″ 2D – 540 g ; 7 ” 2D – 350 g
Weight detector (without probe ) 1.0 kg
The design of probes : ABS and glass fiber
Audio output : 6 mm stereo jack
Power supply: 15V ( 10 AA alkaline batteries)
The optimum operating temperature: -15 ° to +60 ° C
Optimum Moisture : 0-85 %
The metal detector is fitted with new 10 “( 26 cm) 2D probe