Metal Detector Rover C II

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Metal Detector Rover C IIMetal Detector Rover C II

Based on electromagnetic pulse method which can be used to select anomalies in the region stuff Rover C II.
This device is able to detect natural features such as layered formations, cavities, groundwater level in addition to buried objects such as pipes, tanks, boxes, and the like.
Qift on does not have the magnet can penetrate to a depth of 2 m, but has a clear integrated also with objects that can be detected at a depth of 18 meters. This alghazikchf objects greater than 10 cm x 10 cm and depth of 30 centimeters. To highlight the concrete form the user must be very careful in the measurement process. So very appropriate to use systemic on uneven ground.
Because technology balance of integration the first microprocessor, the depth of data stored will lead automatically to the device. Evaluation occurs in the computer so that the region read scanned can analyse in a 3-d chart.
Technical specifications
-Processing of electric 12 volt
-Depth up to about 18 m
-Dimensions: approx. 430 x 150 x 260 mm
-Weight: approximately 3000 grams
-Maximum depth: 18 m
-Maximum depth (founder of cave): 40 m
-Electrode with wire length (20 m) 4
-Bluetooth + Compact + Setup disk USB device protection
-External electric processing
-Charger and external power supply cord
-Visualizer 3D software
-Excellent sensitizer
-Chip control
-User Guide 1
-Pregnant women