Metal Detector sdc2300

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Minelab sdc2300-Compact, waterproof gold detector with simple controls! A great helper when looking for gold nuggets weighing less than 1 gram both in water and on land.


Very convenient to carry in folded: 21cm on 40cm. Placed in hand luggage and most backpacks.
Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector Gold Finds

Water resistant

It is possible to dive completely under the water to a depth of 3 meters to explore the coastline. It is easy to search both in water and on land.

Reliable and unfolding

The design meets military standards: the detector is monolithic and designed for use in the most severe conditions.

Simple Gold Detection

Allows you to quickly and efficiently find gold areas that are so not easy to detect in remote and remote places.

MPF Technology (how it finds gold)

MPF Technology (Fast) is a fast switching of high sensitivity from transmission signals (TX) to receiving signals (RX). Thus, the minimum residual signal of transmission is also present during the reception phase, thanks to which a clear accurate detection of small gold particles is possible.

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