What is a metal detector to search for gold in particular

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Gold coins can be found anywhere, the most difficult type is searching for gold nuggets, because there’s not a lot of places where you can find gold nuggets, and appropriate depth. Even in such cases without deep metal detector cannot do that. However, to search for gold, you can successfully use the popular metal detectors with certain properties. In this case, the device must be, first and foremost, long term discrimination of ferrous metals, where gold is located on the border with those oxidizing metal black. And more accurate device can distinguish between objects went from ferrous metals, such as iron.

Others choose the easiest way to find gold jewelry lost on the beach and bathing area. Is a search, for example, on the beach, the device will emit a signal factor reactions of aluminum foil similar reference to a gold medal. It should be noted however, that subtle distinction with a metal detector. This is due to the fact that different metals equal conductivity values (for example, gold and aluminum).

But when the metal detector does not distinguish between non-ferrous metals, and with a high level of discrimination practically unresponsive for some coins and a large piece of jewelry. In older models and devices for beginners the simplest form of discrimination metal detector. Choose one of two modes, “all metals” or “non-ferrous metals” allows to respond to transition some of his power (specific electrical conductivity of metal object), which compares the level (static) of discrimination. Therefore, using pulse devices in places with high concentrations of metal trash search extremely difficult.

Modern technology allows for metal detecting more metal type recognition accuracy, and ignore interference from Earth, that actually affect the depth of detection. Of more modern metal detectors, the better he ignores soil and noise respectively higher and depth of detection.

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