Metal detector to search for gold

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what device good will look for gold. Talk about finding gold jewelry, gold nuggets, coins and other products that has created man. Search for this precious metal always attracts anyone. Usually its the most can be found in the sea. Not at the seaside and in the truest sense of the large deep blue ocean. If we calculate how much has been raised from the ocean floor tons of gold coins and other products then this sum once increase up to 100 tons weight. Such great finds found modern expeditions in our century.

But there are good indicators in coastal areas. Indeed the largest amount of gold you can find on the beach. The beach must be divided into two zones, the first sand the second coast this water up to three meters. The gold that lies at the bottom of the beach it is there not always lay and not when there’s not. It is clear that here it someone lost. The conditions often lost items.

Metal detector to search for gold

Metal detector to search for gold

When the gold in the water or on the sand, accidentally fell out of your pocket and forgot and so many different. Now what if we know what you can find there gold objects. Need to buy a metal detector to search for gold. What is the difference between the device to search for gold from the usual ground detector. You may have thought that ground devices gold cannot seek no can but there are detectors that detect gold better first. What is the truth? Golden articles good find those metal detectors that operate at high frequency. High frequency is considered above 14kGc.

The majority of ground metal detectors have a frequency from 6 to 8 kHz such frequency is ideal for searching different colored items (coins, bullets, buttons, etc). At high frequency peculiarity is that it works well on the top layer of soil and has a good sensitivity to small objects such as small ring, shackle and chain.

Now when you hear about a little features in search of gold. Talk about metal detectors. Talk about the best models to search for gold: Garrett AT pro metal detector, Garrett AT gold metal detector , These two models are the largest portfolio of core functions to search for gold on the beach. This waterproof housing that will allow you to search both on the sand and under the water but not dive more than 3 meters high frequency minimizes skip thin or small chain ring. These models will behave well and finding coins. Price quality of 5 points.

For underwater search at greater depths the two most excellent appliance: Minelab Excalibur2 metal detector for reviews of the best appliance among divers. Many frequency. A beautiful, compact but expensive. Fisher CZ 21 metal detector reviews is not inferior to the first device. Only two working frequencies of 5 and 15 kHz. But there is a difference of metal sound to iron one gold tone second and copper-Silver 3. It definitely will help you to more easily locate useful metals if you decide to use underwater metal detector to search for coins and other Antiquities not in the coastal zone.

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