Metal detectors and search for gold in Australia

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Metal detectors and search for gold with them in Australia

Demand for gold  recreation and relaxation , the best choice is a metal detector . This is because of its portability , a relatively low price , and also the availability of this type of gold mining , without the need to supply a license. The use of the detector is determined by general government as ” giving a small effect .” Of course , it is still carefully study the law of the state in which you will operate the metal detector to find out whether you need permission to use it .
All this information can be found on the official websites of the government of the state.
Technology at very low frequencies ” transmitter – receiver ” (VLF / TR)
Until 1995 when metal detectors are used technology at very low frequencies ” transmitter – receiver .” Such devices successfully sought only a small depth. This disadvantage is explained by the fact
the soil in the country in general and in Western Australia in particular has a high mineralization. this state is characterized by a high concentration of iron and other metals, which created numerous difficulties in working with VLF / TR metal detectors that were therefore able to detect gold only a very small depth.

Pulse induction technology

In 1995 the Australian company «Minelab» develop and present a new and improved technology for working metal detectors . This was a pulse induction technology by means of which the whole side opened thousand ounces .

This technology – PI (pulse induction) solve problems when working in highly mineralized soils . The signal emitted by the transmitter off during the iron and its salts, which allows to carry out the search of greater depth than with the devices of the earlier generations.
Thus, the places that have already been spent , again were traveled by prospectors with new detectors and more gold was discovered buried at a greater depth. As it turned out , the old Treasures extends considerably larger area than previously known and new reserves were discovered in perfectly intact settlements .

Metal detectors and search for gold in Australia

Metal detectors and search for gold in Australia

So technology PI (pulse induction) , a new turn in the spiral of ” gold rush .” Increased depth of demand and increasingly increasing efficiency of the devices in finding what was previously thought of sight , bring your harvest of new native gold nuggets from the places where gold before not even looking .
Experienced searchers were able to cover the cost of the detector only a few weeks after purchase . Everyone was amazed that fans find gold in places that professionals had long since left and exits . And all this with the help of a modern metal detector in hand .
Skip to additional equipment can also get good , quality pick , and also following some necessary things Prospector must have : GPS navigation , good sports clothing , comfortable shoes goals , a hat and sunscreen .

How to clean the find

Gold can be found in various forms , but found with metal detector is characterized by its two forms – short native gold and ” model .” The model is gold deposited in the root breed quartz or iron ore. Gold pieces are often covered with earth and sell them , you will need to pre- clean them .
For a start you can start with a toothbrush and diluted liquid dishwashing . This will flush virtually all contamination from its findings. After this first cleaning the gold paste in the same solution for a few hours , and then brush again . Use only a toothbrush and only soft hairs , otherwise you may damage the gold nuggets , which is soft and can be easily scratched . If stains and dirt is not removed , use special detergents that also you can buy in stores.

Leave everything as is

In most cases it is better to leave the model in its original state. Iron ore , located a short , often only improves the appearance of gold discovery and the type of bright shiny metal amid snow – white quartz is simply charming . So , think well and do not rush to clean the specimen and allow it in the way that nature intended . May also happen that the gold contained in the breed does not look particularly attractive. In this case it is better to break the rock, can be removed and then the gold can be melted .

Sell ​​gold or keep it for yourself

In Australia knowledge of gold or selling it considered perfectly legal . In every state can be found a few dealers who are willing to buy from you intentions precious metal, most important of which are the company « Perth Mint » (The Perth Mint) and their partners. Government policy in this regard is sufficiently liberal and aimed at facilitating the efforts of citizens and INITIATIVES .
But you can leave the gold for himself . Very often with natural pieces to make different ornaments that are eventually family relics. Is not it nice man telling his grandchildren how and exactly where he found this particular piece of gold! And do you or ornament themselves by buying the necessary equipment , or order it at the jeweler.

Tips to prospectors

1. To get permission (if necessary ) for this type of gold mining that you you are interested , contact with government departments of the state. They have all the necessary information and are well aware of the difficulties faced by people with no experience. In nature, work is the only way for you license. Do not need anyone to control you – hold on correctly , you can expect honesty and to himself.
2 . Make sure you have permission to conduct its activities in this area to which you are going.
If necessary , contact the tenants to gain access to a particular location.
3 . Feel free to ask mining companies to be allowed to deal with mining in their territories. Usually companies with interests relating to such suggestions in exchange given you permission , you are asked to report the places where you have found gold.
4 . If they ask you to leave a specific area , politely ask them to provide proof of possession of the land.
5 . When working with metal detector , digging each finding. What certainly looks like a tin can buried in the ground can be a native short gold when you dig .
6.Sled any digging , necessarily follows a burial pit , no matter how small it may seem .
7 . Make no mistake that happiness will smile widely in the first day. This, of course , happens only in dreams and in conversations with colleagues for a drink .
8 . Try to find people who are pleased by the sight around the work in search of the thrill of anticipation is at forefront of the gold itself . For these people, getting rich is absolutely certain – not financially, of course, and spiritually.
9. Enjoy and get pleasure from what you’re doing.