Metal detectors for beach search

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Metal detectors for beach search

Most of the remains of beach metal detectors – is, unfortunately , unnecessary junk metal : aluminum foil from cigarette packs and candy tabs from cans and corks from bottles. However, among those useless findings necessarily what is the object of hunting beach hunting fans – coins made ​​of precious metals and other interesting finds. Which metal detector for beach hunting is the most effective and how to find the unnecessary waste of useful stuff ?

As a metal detector for beach hunting for the beginner as well as for searching the dry sand, but anyone with a metal detector discriminator and sealed the coil . However, if the value of the findings of the beach and the time spent is more important than the excitement, the choice of metal detector for beach hunting must be taken seriously.

Metal detectors for beach search

Metal detectors for beach search

The electrical conductivity of gold jewelry and objects made ​​of aluminum (foil , tubes and other such rubbish) is very similar to a metal detector . This makes separation ( discrimination ) of the objects of gold and aluminum. Therefore, when an object, you can dig all the colored target or skip aluminum trash, but then the gold jewelry will be available for you . This is a very important point.

Cut off decoys distinguish gold jewelry and colored garbage are more likely to allow metal detectors professional level. It is among the devices of this class, you can pick up an effective “beach metal detector ,” which will save your time and will determine in the trash decent beach finds.

As a metal detector for beach hunting and depending on the search tasks , you can choose one of three options :

1. Universal metal compactor . Search coils of most metal detectors waterproof and can be submerged in water , but not everyone is able to operate a metal detector on the wet sand , and especially in salt water. Therefore, for the search in the wet sand will need a metal detector with a quality function of detuning from the mineralization . This “beach metal detector ” will provide an opportunity to hunt on dry and wet sand and in the water near the shore ( the length of the rod ) , not plunging into the water control unit .

2 . Metal – Amphibious . This metal detector will search for a beach dive to search under water to a depth of 3m. Usually developed on the basis of a universal ground metal detector and has a completely sealed unit management (Garrett AT PRO and Garrett AT Gold).

3 . Specialized underwater metal detector. All detectors in this class are fully sealed , have a special design rods , reels and power electronics. Depending on the model , underwater metal detectors can be searched at a depth of 60-70 meters, but for a normal search , they are of little use .

Well established for beach hunting following the model of ” beach metal detectors “:

Cobra Beach Magnet
Tesoro Tiger Shark

Fisher CZ- 20 Quicksilver
Fisher 1280x

White’s BeachHunter 300
 White’s Beach Hunter ID

White’s Surfmaster PI Pro
Tesoro Sand Shark

Minelab CTX 3030
 Minelab GPX 4800

Garrett AT Pro