metal detectors for gold OKM EXP 4000

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metal detectors for gold OKM EXP 4000


OKM EXP 4000 is one of the models of the best-known radars in the world. He succeeded the famous OKM EXP 3000, OKM EXP 3500. It includes most of the functionality of its competitor in GOLDRADAR the “2s” namely metal detecting and cavities with probe of 25 cm, 50 cm, 75 cm or 100 cm and live display on a laptop via the software Visualizer 3D information. It does not unlike its big brother the OKM EXP 4000 of live view. Many probes and accessories (thermoscan, super sensor) are available as an option. OKM EXP 4000 is available in several versions depending on the number of accessories: GOLD and PRO.
metal detectors for gold OKM EXP 4000

metal detectors for gold OKM EXP 4000



OKM EXP 4000 metal detector has various functions that are particularly interesting for the treasure hunter:


• Discrimination of metals (gold, silver, iron)
• Detection of cavities (bunker, tunnels, burial chambers, tombs)
• Easy navigation in the menu with language edition
• Simple and transportable Assembly
• Laptop not be necessary for the use
The OKM EXP 4000 metal detector a wide range of optional components for different research needs. We offer customized packages 3: Basic Edition, Gold Edition and Professional Edition. You can also build your own custom package for your treasure hunting.


Basic Edition: “Basic Edition” includes all of the basic components required for the operation of terrestrial 3D scanner. Be configured to initiate work on 3D metal detector. This means that the central elements such as the console monitor, power pack with charger travel adapter, headphones and a joystick, the software visualizer 3D, USB cable, transport, and user guide, one GPR antenna 25 cm with telescopic Rod Assembly are included. With the basic package you are able to make 3D scan and find the metal blanks and goals determine the position, approximately the size and depth.


OKM EXP 4000 belongs to Earth-imaging products “which are our metal detectors at the high end, the head of a group of” series “x-the future. It can be represented graphically and the buried object or insert spaces without using any computer. Detailed analysis on a computer is optionally available. Because of several optional components and probes and specialized metal detectors can be extended individually. So every customer can get equipment and accessories that are needed for individual needs.


Advanced technology for OKM EXP 4000 allows ground-based measurements at resolutions of brillant. Easy handling, user friendly and as possible without the need for a laptop. Exp 4000 console includes a high-performance pc-module for the calculation of the measured data immediately and instantly display TFT colour 6,4 “. Each scan images will be stored in the internal memory 128 MB and can be transferred later to a normal computer or laptop to evaluate and determine the size, depth and position of goals with our professional 3D visualizer


Lightweight and practical equipment to OKM EXP 4000 is only one point that makes it a unique treasure hunting. Each one optimal probe for a particular purpose. Probes such as Super sensor for high accuracy, can be connected to the antenna for tunnel detection to detect a cavity or thermoskan infrared measurements or discrimination between minerals DDV to exp 4000.


Weight 1500 g only OKM EXP 4000 is ideal for the quick search area. Integrated color monitor can be used to search at night. But also in the light of the Sun offer very clear contrast from a laptop.
In order to make even simpler the detection and analysis of the images of the instrument of geophysical OKM EXP 4000, the following functions have been added:

Okm Exp4000 Basic is piece of junk


• Graphic representation automatic
• Automatic stabilization of the signal during measurements
• Automatic recognition of the type of probe connected
• Coarse filter of the mineralized structures possible
The list of accessories available for the OKM EXP 4000 metal detector makes it the most comprehensive and versatile market unit. Probes have been designed specially for very specific purposes.


We can work with the following probes:


• GPR-antenna (25 cm, 50 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm)
• Antenna for discrimination of metals (DDV system)
• Antenna for detection of cavities
• Super Sensor for images in high resolution Ground Scans
• FS-Thermoscan for 3D infrared images

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