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metal detectors For Gold

metal detectors For Gold


Attention to the metal detectors For Gold: familiarity with the operation takes time and patience. Because a gold detector wants good knowledge of functions and programs and we cannot learn within two, five, seven and ten days. It takes at least two weeks to get satisfactory results.
We who are knowledgeable of our machines, it takes five to ten days to learn. Imagine someone who is not qualified with the object. You will need much more time to find a metal detector. Every day dealing with the metal detector gold and learns more things digging the Earth. The Earth has many useless minerals and metals has value. The minerals present in the ground have different frequencies to one another because they can be lost 3000 years, it may be 100 years, may be three days. Each metal is separate. Most metals have done in different kilns and built for the needs of the era. Especially the precious metals, have many alloys and does not resemble today’s metals.
The user is gold detector must dedicate time and devote himself to every beep that will do-not go unnoticed because something exists. I imagine that he has eyes and sees the metals. Just other sizes will show in one currency and other numbers will show in many currencies. Role playing and what depth comes. Always talking about the same metal for the same currency. Our experience showed us that the same currency we can understand after many trials. Because the same currency can sit on the ground horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The same goes for the boxes. Only an experienced Gold-Digger researcher can understand the frequency of metal. Each metal pulls its own frequency. To reach the top have to deal too.
That’s why a metal detector hire may be more difficult than to facilitate this use. So I do not recommend you to rent metal detectors from our store. Because we are responsible professionals in our field.
We also recommend the use of metal detectors to be treated as a hobby and not as a profession. Then you will have better and more pleasing results.
Else beats 1 euro, otherwise pounding a spoon, otherwise a gold coin, a clock, a screw, a gold sovereign, a gold glass, otherwise a box, otherwise a CAP, otherwise a tube, otherwise a metal stachtothiki, a sheet metal, otherwise a pot, a silver pan, a weapon, a gold button, a Golden Crown, a projectile, a platter, a pan, a ball, a knife, a horseshoe, an iron, a box, a nail, a silver coin, a copper coin and otherwise in many currencies. Example objects such as gold rings, gold ring, a gold chain, a gold cross, a gold wreath, a gold bracelet, gold earrings and many other gold, silver, bronze objects have different carats and is not like the Gold Sovereigns and pentolira and gold coins, and coins that have 24 carats. I wouldn’t have, i.e., the same sounds and signs.



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