What are metal detectors used for underwater search ?

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Metal detectors used for underwater search – Search for underwater use devices such as VLF (Very Low Frequency) Or PI (Pulse Induction ) . Underwater metal VLF type may use one or two operating frequencies , as well as multi-frequency technology is used , for example 17 frequency technology BBS (1.5-25.5 kHz). Underwater metal detectors type PI basically uses a multi-frequency technology (up to 96 frequencies).
Single-frequency VLF metal detectors do not work in sea water and in the salty wet sand . This is due to interference from mineralization caused by the presence of salt. In saline environments work well multi-frequency VLF metal detectors .

Underwater metal detectors and search for treasures under water

All VLF detectors have a powerful function of discrimination, but the multi-frequency VLF underwater metal detectors type determines the type of metal is much better than conventional single-frequency devices , because the object is scanned multiple frequencies.

Pulse underwater metal detectors work equally well in both fresh and saltwater environments , completely ignoring the effect of salt water and highly mineralized soil. Their main drawback is the poor discrimination, but they are the most sensitive to small targets , such as small earrings , delicate chains and tiny gold nuggets . Depth of detection of objects in mineralized ground and salt water is much more than the VLF metal detectors .


best underwater metal detector

What is the best underwater metal detector for underwater search , VLF or PI? It is important to determine what is more important , the depth of the target or the type of metal target. On a large depth can be treasures , relics and artifacts , the value of which can reach several hundred thousand dollars. On the other side of the small depth can detect a large number of gold and silver objects, skipping the unnecessary stuff .