Minelab Gpx 4500 Finds Gold Nugget

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Minelab Gpx 4500 Finds Gold Nugget, GPX-4500 metal detector is the successor of the well established GP-3500 detector and GP-4000. the special scheme set up to “catching” the tiniest particles of gold, GPX-4500 has an extremely high sensitivity and the maximum depth of search. He can consistently run at the high mineralized soil. Due to this the metal detector best suited for exhaustive inspection sites rich in discoveries. It’s safe to say that where the GPX-4500 detector went, other devices can not find. However, it is worth remembering that the GPX-4500 detects everything, even the smallest goals that makes difficult its application to garbage sites. Known place, potentially other metal detectors and the rich treasures  perfect use.

GPX 4500 metal detector

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Minelab Gpx 4500 Finds Gold Nugget

A Small Native Gold Nugget as found by the Minelab GPX-4500 last weekend. Location: NSW, Australia. A Garrett Pro-Pointer (Pulse-Induction pinpointer)

Features GPX-4500 metal detector

Metal detector detects even very small targets at depth
Detection depth coin is 25-50 cm, depth of detection of a large object up to 1.5 m
Used technologies: DVT, MPS, SETA
Type of transmission is Bi-level Pulse Induction (two-level pulse-induction)
Search tools: Preview, a shared and Deep
User modes: Hi Mineral, Hi Trash, Patch, Test A
LCD display
Balancing Primer: fixed, tracking
Ground balance type: normal, special, GB off
Ground Balancing speed: slow, medium, fast
The kind of sensitivity to soil: normal, sensible, salted
Iron removal depth: from 0 to 10
High capacity battery

Minelab Gpx 4500 Manny On The Gold

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