Minelab Metal Detectors- Minelab Explorer SE PRO

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Minelab Metal Detectors- Minelab Explorer SE PRO

Minelab Metal Detectors- Minelab Explorer SE PRO (version 3a), PRO replaces the Explorer SE (version 3). Search coil changes, replacing the old spool SlimLine 10.5 “on a new FBS 11”, identical to the coil is used on metal detector Minelab E-Trac.

Minelab Metal Detectors- Minelab Explorer SE PRO



Explorer SE Professional detector for professionals. The versatile 28-frequency metal detector to search for lost treasures, jewelry, coins, gold nuggets in the technological dumps, and much more. because it uses to determine the type of metal, two physical properties-conductivity and metal inductance. You don’t need to spend time digging unnecessary items.


Patented dual detection technology of FBS and inductive method definitions like metal Smart find made this machine the best in the world. Target recognition, discrimination is based on two properties of metal-conductivity and inductance. The goal is examined by all 28-e frequencies, checked its inductance, conductivity and powerful processor processes the received signal and displays the information on the type of metal, size, depth of purpose. With this detector, you can even work on littered sites easily ignoring most of the debris.


Power supply metal detector from the 8-AA-batteries or NiMH battery pack rated at 1600 a/h, lets you work 14-16 hours.

Technical characteristics

Operating frequency 100 kHz up to 1.5
Discrimination scale, segments, 31-31, on the content of iron-on conductivity
Dynamic mode, static
The mode of accurate detection (Pin Point) are
Power supply 12 v battery,
Battery life, 14 hours
Battery level indicator is
Weight 2.1 kg
There is a sensitivity adjustment
Volume control is
Adjusting the threshold background is
Detection of metal type sound is
The number of programmes (including “all metals”) 15
Tuning-out for soil (automatic)
Tuning-out for soil (manual)
There is electrical interference tweak
There are depth indicator
Sensitivity for the coin 5 copecks, 40 cm
Limited sensitivity,2 m