minelab x-terra 305 metal detector reviews

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The company released an updated series of minelab detectors with features not seen in any detector primary and advanced levels. Thus proved itself as one of the best brands of metal detectors.

The first updated lineup of x-terra became minelab x-terra 305 metal detector made on latest technological capabilities and become more resistant to all sorts of interference.

X-terra 305 metal detectors now has two frequency search, that search has improved markedly this detector.


Now the possibility of ground balance tweak and radio interference. Significant changes in the interface were, except that instead of the names of the keys, making it easy to set up even for those who aren’t familiar with the foreign language.

minelab x-terra 305 metal detector has established itself as a detector for beach and Mint search. You can easily find rebuild it from all sorts of rubbish and grandmas 12 sound (each segment of your sound). If someone there is doubt when buying detector, They immediately will disappear as soon as you turn on the X-terra 305.

minelab x-terra 305 metal detector reviews

So intuitively simple and at the same time is multifunctional interface that you’ll never want to leave this wonder of technology.

X-Terra 305 metal detector as well as the whole series of X-Terra metal detectors are made by modern digital technology allows VFLEX get rid of clutter that will inevitably be present in old analog models. Metal detector now manages the modern microprocessor. This allowed the X-Terra to significantly improve the quality of discrimination (metal type detect), increase depth and sensitivity, reduce the effects of electrical interference and mineralization in comparison with analogue models.


Two detection frequency 7.5 kHz and 18.75 kHz. Low frequency 7.5 kHz allows you to search for deep targets, as penetrates deeply into the soil. High frequency 18.75 kHz, worse penetrates into the soil, but is capable of finding the smallest coins.

Setting on the ground, allowing to erect a metal detector from impact noise from the ground, thereby increasing your depth and sensitivity.
Electrical interferences tweak.
Discrimination scale-12 segments.
response from the target. Possible installation of 1, 2, 3 tone or 12-minute tonal response to each segment of discrimination his tone.
The tonal background (threshold) adjustable from -5 up to 25. Allows you to determine the level of contamination of landfill.
Number of storable programs-2-e.
All information about the control keys now marked as pictograms.