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modern metal detectors

In ancient times , when looking for secret treasures , people used only with shovels , then just as there were no other things that could help look for the treasure. Due to the fact that in those days there was no paper money , then people can hide their treasures or digging strangers, and not one had any idea that money can simply deteriorate in the ground.
Then search for treasures was very difficult , because the place where the treasure is buried expectation was , and still had to get so not particularly attract attention to themselves , because in those days people had manners much more severe than it is now . Then people searched for treasure on the basis of stories or custom maps , whose accuracy was extremely high. Because of this, people had to dig huge pits to find the treasure , or realize that they have done a lot of work for nothing, because nothing was found. At a time when people began to dig for treasure, he could only trust intuition , because you can only guess what was on the depth should stop looking. Very often people can dig for weeks and go with anything , and someone just stick a shovel in this place and get a fortune.


modern metal detectors
We will not go into the details of when and how were first metal detectors as for you and now it is not so important . For us it is more important that we can buy devices that will report on whether there is a place where we want to dig something metal , because it is a treasure hunt for the invaluable information , as any treasure that is real enough find , contains something metallic , whether coin or shackles chest. Now metal detectors are so perfect that they can not only signal the presence of metal in the soil , but also the output of it for more information , as well as to respond only to certain types of metals (such as precious metals ) . For some people, is a very important factor is the possibility of so-called ” drop-out ” when they can start to dig only if the land is the subject as close as possible to that which they need , and not just something metallic .

It is logical that the best model of metal detectors treasure hunter will give such information about the alleged treasure as depth , type of metal , with approximate dimensions , etc. For professional hunters is very important, because they are looking for specific items, and for most fans who do not much want to find a treasure , how to spend time in the fun , it’s not so important .  more common metal detectors, which work on the principle of frequency beats , but in other countries such types of metal detectors have long sunk into oblivion. Now metal detectors are divided into three types.


The first type – it’s metal detectors, whose work is based on the principle of the receiver – transmitter .
The second type – this low-frequency devices . These metal detectors are the cheapest and easy to handle , but as in the first group and the second group , has distinct disadvantages, which , oddly enough , cancel each other out , so very often manufacturers produce hybrid metal detectors, which combine only the dignity of the first and second group . Such metal detectors are used in turn in different modes. In one mode, find the desired object , and the second to know more information about it. Work on the principle underlying almost all metal detectors, which are metal objects at a depth of 3-5 meters .
The third type – metal detectors is working on the principle of impulsive . The main advantage of this device is that it can be used by divers during underwater searches.
Manufacturers of metal detectors (such as FISHERGarrett, Minelab , etc.) produce a lot of variety of metal detectors that can meet the needs of all hunters . They produce both simple metal detectors, which can only report that the earth there is some metal and sophisticated metal detectors, which specialize in some specific tasks. Such tasks , for example, may be searching for precious metals in landfills , the search for metal objects at great depths of occurrence (usually by means of a large depth of 3 to 5 meters ) , the search for jewelry on the beach , etc.
It is not necessary at the outset to want some “cool” metal detector, since only with experience one can understand which functions in the metal detectors he needed and which are not . Complete with a metal detector is only instruction , and the rest is known empirically. Usually a person of the week is enough to start confidently handle with a metal detector .