Most horror in the world

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Most horror in the world
Valley with their ears cut off headers
Most horror in the world
Located in Canada, specifically in the klodayk and title of that name after the tragedy in 1905 where Fran and William brothers turn maklior with their friend Robert gear to the Valley to search for gold, and have not known anything during the 3 years of leaving, but one fisherman discovered after 3 years the bony structures without headers.
Over time such incidents have increased, and in 1965 disappeared a mission of Swedish and German intended this Valley to reveal the mystery of missing gold trade unionists there.

The Devils Tomb
The Devils Tomb
It is located in the circular meadow Russia specifically Central kagmisk in Krasnoyarsk province, about 200 meters in diameter and is fear its self when approaching him clearly feels leftover bones and skins of animals and birds, tree branches, bare of leaves and the same lawn free of plants, that approached him, Shepherd dogs acknowleging that departed was not panicked about food until she died from starvation

Well gods
Well gods
This well is located in India, specifically bhiraba, a crater believed to be inhabited by gods and not allow anyone to come down to only the monkeys go to look for food.And tells many accidents where people tried to get youdo not
Dead head

In Russia in chainskoi area of Tomsk, a piece of land in the midst of a swamp and a length of about 300 m and width 20-30 m and the pine trees that grow in excess of 50 m and surrounded by mist throughout the year.Both are said to be approaching this place disappears
Sea devil
Sea devil
Area: evidence from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan and reportedly thousands of ships disappeared.
Bermuda triangle

Western Atlantic toward South-East Florida United States, specifically over this region takes the form of a triangle extends from the Gulf of Mexico West to Leeward of Island South and Bermuda (a group of Islands 300 small island mahloh population 65,000 inhabitants) and in the Gulf of Mexico, Bahama Islands.
Because the label
The Bermuda triangle known by this name in 1954 through the disappearance of a group of aircraft accident and was taking shape before her triangle flying in the sky as if it were reviewed in air and time this region became known by that name and has been known by, was named the region several names including “the devil”, “Satan’s triangle”
Beginning of the phenomenon of disappearance in Bermuda
Beginning of the phenomenon of disappearance in Bermuda
In 1850 m disappeared from this area or near more than 50 ships, some leaders to send messages in moments of danger, these messages were ambiguous and vague and nobody could understand them.
Most of these ships are off the track, the first United States ship “ansergnt” that disappeared carrying 340 passengers, followed by the disappearance of the submarine: askorbion “in 1968 with 99 sailors.
And from ships that disappeared in the Bermuda triangle: in 1880 the English ship “Atlanta” and its 290 members, in 1918 the American ship “saiklob” number 309.
And aircraft that disappeared in the Bermuda triangle:
1/in 1945 disappeared two bombers belonging to the American forces.
2/in the 1948 British passenger plane disappeared “startigr” carrying 31 passengers 3/1949 British passenger plane disappeared “stararil” carrying 37 passengers, 4/in 1956 faded (p5m) US Navy with crew (10).