How much gold in Dubai

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How much gold in Dubai

Dubai gold attracts all tourists , even those who were not interested in such purchases . In the UAE gold themselves do not produce , but because of the low tax rates it is sometimes omitted so that no country, not even the one where the metal is in excess, would not risk such a practice . About how much gold is worth in Dubai , we can talk for a long time , given the specifics of the Arab population : using the fact that the country is teeming with tourists , the Arabs put inexplicably inflated price tags on everything at the same time , seek to sell as much as possible .
How much gold in Dubai
1. On average , the cost of Arab gold – $ 30 per gram. But given the appearance of jewelry – thick chains , huge necklaces, bracelets and even wide gold belt – the price of such ” trifles ” will result in a large amount . Incidentally, the version that gold can be bought there cheaper and sell homes more expensive – it is better not to practice : pawnshop any notice from your decorating will appreciate its purity and percentage of impurities , and then announce the amount does not differ from the purchase .

2 . When buying gold in the UAE market , you need to bargain hard . Great is the chance that the price of the product will fall by at least 30% .

3 . The Arab prices , 18 – carat gold costs AED 150 / g or higher. Relate this to the current exchange rate , and figure out how much you need money to buy ornaments interest . In general, $ 9 per gram – it is very cheap and for the same amount it is possible to please yourself any decoration , even if there is not a lot of carats.

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