New discovery about the Bermuda triangle

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New discovery about the Bermuda triangle

We all know stories and anecdotes that are listed on the Bermuda triangle, and the myths that hatched about the strange phenomena that occur around this area and no one dared speak them. But using sonar discover the World Ocean Dr (Meyer verlag) massive believed pyramidal glass to a depth of 2000 m below the sea surface and use some other organs scientists discovered that the pyramidal made of Crystal and more 3 times in Egypt Khufu’s pyramid.



Dr. Meyer believes that if many studies on this area and the pyramidal, we will see a lot of information that can explain these strange phenomena related Bermuda triangle. The discovery was announced at a press conference in the Bahamas, it was announced that the technology that was used in the construction of such the pyramidal unknown us until now, as scientists believe that collecting the information required for the studies won’t be easy.


The land it was built. And polar shift?


There are many scientists who agree that the pyramidal has been built on the land above the sea and polar shift, who believes that geologists of Earth since ancient times led to the collapse of the Earth’s crust and many devastating earthquakes and tsunami had dumped the pyramidal mass under the sea.
There is another group of scientists that linked the disappearance of both the pyramidal island of Atlantis and the Bermuda triangle itself and who believe that the pyramidal cornerstones for the energy supply for over 100 years.


But the scientists agreed that the results of the studies will be based on this discovery will be difficult to imagine or ratification. Device results reveal that the pyramidal surface dramatically smooth like glass or snow, has been taking many pictures of them, so as to form a three-dimensional image with high resolution in order to imagine the pyramidal roof.
It can supports studies on the pyramidal theories engineers that the pyramids were built originally as a source of energy, it could explain some of the theories about Atlantis that was actually linked to it.

Crystal pyramids properties:


There are many theories about using the Crystal pyramids as an energy source, or at least the part near the Summit where some experiences have demonstrated that were made decades ago that Crystal pyramids act as natural massive electrical capacitor works to store energy. And whenever the size of the pyramid, the more energy was carried. Article made from the pyramid have an important impact on the amount of energy stored as pyramid made of Crystal or Crystal Summit increases the strength of the stored energy in the pyramid. Scientists have known since the ancient times – since the invention of electricity and applications of optical glass and diamond.
In the early time of the invention of the radio waves were using crystals of Germanium to receive radio waves and convert them into electrical signals and handle normally.


The effect of the cavity inside the pyramid:


Some scientists, some studies on the establishment of base zero gravity inside the exploitation of a pyramid. Scientists believe that the pyramid power Centre located at its peak. But there are several active zones inside the pyramid as the Clot area which was Pharaohs are putting their cemeteries there are flame zone and above the top of the pyramid. And you can feel the energy when you move the Palm inside the pyramid between Clot, Flame in a certain way, scientists believe that this effect which results from the passage of energy between points can be scary and can be caused by a lot of strange phenomena.


Vortex power:


There are some who could speak before disappearing inside the Bermuda triangle they saw many large vortices appear and disappear suddenly. Scientific fact known about the pyramids they could make huge whirlpools of energy when empty of cargo, which means that both the pyramidal newly discoverers could make lots and lots of great swirls that are hard to get rid of them.


And in the end learn the capabilities of both the pyramidal and make sure they are in practice may give us a lot of results and interpretations that explain why so many strange phenomena of this famous area called the Bermuda triangle.
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