New Metal Detector Garrett ATX

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New Metal Detector Garrett ATX

Long awaited new from Garrett.

The company has announced a new Garrett Metal Detector Garrett ATX with the following characteristics . In short – Garrett ATX is a new multi frequency detector released by the company in 2013. The new detector is designed for use on all types of soils including saline and highly mineralized .

The detector has received a green blanket , sturdy metal detector constructive -transformer which undoubtedly influenced the focus of the military empire garrett metal detectors. According to the announcements producer Garrett ATX ideal for finding small gold nuggets and relic hunting in highly mineralized soil and water .

New Metal Detector Garrett ATX

New Metal Detector Garrett ATX


Perhaps the use of a new metal detector Garrett for production purposes.

In the presence of static and dynamic mode , an improved balance of the soil and the new LED signals.

A little bit about the new DD coil for Garrett ATX – supplied as standard 10×12 inch coil is unusual structural elements with connection cable placed inside the telescopic arm . Powerful reel mounting ears Garrett ATX to the bar inspire confidence in the strength of the structure .

Garrett’s New ATX Extreme PI Metal Detector Coming Soon


The new coil design on conviction manufacturer promotes better compatibility and performance of the new pulse technology work. And also more confident and reliable search small targets without slowing wiring and improved ground balance .

Separately, it should be noted that the supply of MD Garrett ATX in the configuration provides a deep search in addition to the optional hard case study in military style ) for the MD and also an additional 20- inch reel. The cost of a complete set deep search raises the bar prices are already up to $ 3,000 .

Technical specifications of the new metal detector from the firm Garrett

Discriminator – customizable, 25 detent positions

13 shades of sensitivity MD

The range of ground balance – from soil saturated with iron to salt

Seven buttons Garrett MD ATX visible line LED display , single battery charge level indicator Power LED and two unidentified destination.

Frequency – 730 pulses per second -justified . By pulse technology used to specify the frequency of the signal that runs the Garrett MD ATX simply wrong and incorrect. As is well known square wave consists of a set of harmonic oscillations , which are a set of frequencies and forms a square wave . And the more momentum like a rectangle the more frequencies involved in its formation .

There is an electronic pinpointing and a quick check on the iron.

Completeness of Garrett metal detector ATX

Complete with standard coil 10×12 inches

For ease of use comes with a shoulder strap discharge .

Allowable depth of immersion in water – 3 meters

The length is adjustable from 51 cm to 172 cm

The metal detector is equipped with wired headphones and also has a built-in external speaker in the instrument itself . These standard headphones for Garrett set of headphones is a specialized field . Their weight is 450 grams.

Weight – 2.5 pounds

Power supply 8 AA batteries ( placed in 2 containers of 4 batteries .

kit Garrett Metal Detector ATX include the actual assembly MD , wired headphones , a set of AA alkaline batteries or rechargeable AA batteries , battery charger , charging from a car cigarette lighter , discharge shoulder strap (after all, the weight of the new metal detector 2.5 pounds !) And Cloth carrying Case kit Garrett metal detector ATX .

Small thoughts on read – folding MD is good, but in this case, the connecting cable reel control unit are increased requirements for reliability , as each deployment MD leads to bending of the cable. The French went the way of wireless communication , making it more difficult by adding extra battery power directly to the coil . The gain in reliability by eliminating the cable as straight as possible and the loss in the complication of the structural elements . Garrett decided to keep the cable as the most secure and jam-resistant communication channel .