Nokta Fors Gold metal detector

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Nokta Fors Gold metal detector is a professional metal detector designed based on experience and in cooperation with gold prospectors literally around the world. The detector is able to detect and identify even the smallest nuggets. It is able to cope with all types of soil , which for our conditions gives great possibility to use in areas with the presence of basalt or generally ferromagnetic rocks. The detector can handle extremely high concentrations of iron in the soil . For seekers in our country should be very positive that the detector has a great range .

Nokta Fors Gold metal detector Features

soil conditions
The detector is able to operate even in the most challenging terrains. As experienced hunters know , a number of sites where you move contains a lot of minerals , iron, ferromagnetic minerals , coke etc. FORS Gold through highly sophisticated auto solves these problems and gives you the opportunity to work in these terrains , even without interference , noises . Along with automatic and manual debugging soil can Fors Gold and continuously monitor and evaluate the soil so that the maximum range of the detector and does not affect the quality of discrimination.

Three operating modes

Discriminatory – This mode uses audio discrimination and is best applicable in areas with a large presence of other metals
Boost – two-tone discrimination mode that gives the maximum depth of the smallest objects and brilliantly eliminates the effects of ferromagnetic minerals
All Metal – mode threshold tone with a maximum range

Course ID and discrimination
The LCD will display the detector ID of the objects. By setting these targets can either accept or ignore .

Two LCD graphical user interface
FORS Gold has 2 LCD displays – one on the electronics box and the other on the handle. After setting the detector to the LCD panel on the electronics box , you can watch most of the information on the display located on the handle . The total solution delivers exceptional comfort during search.
Highlighting the objectives and finding depth
Press the handle you can easily track the target probe. The closer you are to the target, the greater the audio response of the detector while the LCD shows you the depth of the deposit.
Vibration mode
Mode is designed primarily for the deaf. The other hunters can help in situations where they do not use headphones and will be in places with high noise levels.
LED Flashlight
FORS Gold has a built-in flashlight to illuminate the scanning area when searching at night or in low light conditions.

Ergonomics and long battery life
The detector is both its design and the electronics and software designed so that its staff was pleasant. Worth mentioning is also worth supply 4 x 1.5 V AA batteries with 30 hours of battery life

Nokta Fors Gold Metal Detector

technical specifications

Technology: VLF induction balance
Operating frequency: 15 kHz
The search modes: 3 (discrimination, Boost, All Metal)
Audio Frequency: 5
Ground balance : Automatic and manual
Audio Discrimination: 3 tones
Automatic scanning of the land
Tracing mode: Yes
Shift working frequency
Sensitivity adjustment: 1-99
ID finding range : 1-99
Basic probe 28×18 cm DD waterproof
Weight : 1.8 kg including battery
Length adjustable from 125 to 150 cm
Power supply 4 x 1.5V AA battery (battery life 30 hours)

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